8 thoughts on “Cotopaxi”

  1. PenGun, have you seen it in person?

    This painter is terrific, and I had not hears of him until this post.

  2. No I have not been there. It is a wonderful picture and when I found out it’s size I just wanted to go and look at it.

    My Lincoln Mark VIII is under construction but next year I might do some luxury touring with it. It’s along way from BC but there is Tech Reports BBQ next August I would like to attend. I won’t make it this year.

  3. They liked big canvases. People then would (1826-1900).
    Contrast an 1803 map (Louisiana Purchase & Emerson was born) and 1850 (when the states began filling it in); Church must have seen the horizon getting bigger and bigger. An eccentric case ws Banvard, who did a (now lost) half mile painting. But Church, Cole – that whole group had ambition, along with immense talent.
    Quieter Spirits, Bryant’s sonnet to Cole.
    Probably you’ve already seen, he did a lot on South America.

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