Oddly Industrial

We’ve driven past this, a number of times on our way to and from New Braunfels … ever since we discovered the scenic back-road that lets us bypass the highway …

We always wondered what it was – it’s industrial-looking, but out in the open fields and stands of oak and pecan trees, and fields of corn and hay. We stopped last weekend, when we saw a family (I am assuming they were a family) cutting and swamping brush around a couple of old boarded-up buildings at a nearby crossroads … it’s the remains of a cotton gin. They used to grow cotton, all around here – up until the mid-1920s, when the boll-weevil roared through and pretty much demolished the cotton growing enterprises.

I think of it as a relic – when we used to grow and process stuff ourselves, instead of importing it all from the Third World.

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  1. That’s almost as interesting as the ruins you showed us a month/2 ago – Wonder how many 100s thousands of people went by and wondered – and never found it –

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