Tearing it all Down

The fact that some environmental groups want to destroy existing dams, in the name of returning rivers to their natural states, is of course old news. Now, though, they have moved beyond the tearing down of dams and want to destroy bridges as well.

And, in the case of the historic Stoneman Bridge in Yosemite National Park, it appears that they may well get their way.

Environmentalists claim to have great respect for the works of nature. (Though–given the number of cars I see with environmentalist bumper stickers and the windows rolled up tight on beautiful days–it seems that quite a few of them want to minimize their actual contact with the natural environment.) But, all too often, they seems to have no respect at all for the work of human minds and hands.

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6 thoughts on “Tearing it all Down”

  1. The Hetch Hetchy valley was John Muir’s chief focus with the Sierra Club but San Francisco depends on that dam for water. If the dam is demolished, San Francisco would dry up and blow away. I can’t get too excited about this one. Sort of like another Iran-Iraq War.

  2. Nature is good.

    Humans are ishy.

    Never underestimate the capacity for self-hatred that festers in the bosom of the enlightened.

  3. “Remember this from a few years back?”

    I have to give that Patagonia guy credit for actually making things and using his ideology in a useful way. His fluffy jackets are made of shredded plastic and he is one of a very few enviros who are worth the air they breathe.

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