14 thoughts on “New! – Your Tasty Appetizer of the Week”

  1. Sorry, I also near-puked and looked away. And I have had a glass or two of wine, so you think I would be able to tolerate concepts such as this.

  2. At first I was disgusted… then, remembering my initial recoil at the glory that is a fried peanut butter, jelly, banana and bacon sandwiches, am somewhat intrigued…

  3. Silly Jonathan, if you’re going to put ball-like food on top of hummus it should of course be falafel.

  4. Some olives and some falafel would be OK. The hummus does look good. But get that damn candy off of there.

  5. Grapes….it would be good with some grapes. (at first glance thats what I thought the red M&M was)

  6. I like this feature hugely. Lately, I’ve been on a bistro kick, so hummus is quite the feature. There’s a French-Mediterranean place I’ve gotten fond of, where hummus and pita come to the table instead of bread.

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