14 thoughts on “What City Does the Obama Administration Consider to be the Capital of Israel?”

  1. Congressman Allen West recently commented on the President’s antagonistic posture toward Israel:

    “Should it come as a surprise to anybody that President Obama has not visited Israel and refuses to do so unless he is reelected? This is the same President who called for a return to the pre-1967 borders; openly derided Prime Minister Netanyahu to the French President on national TV, insinuating that he’s a liar and complaining that he has “to deal with him every day;” snubbed Prime Minister Netanyahu by walking out of a meeting with him to have dinner with his family after issuing one-sided demands on settlements; excluded Israel from the Global Counterterrorism Forum; and the list goes on and on.
    All you have to do is take a look at a map of Europe and Asia to see how the President purposely avoided traveling to Israel. Countries he’s visited include: Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, France, Germany, Italy, Czechoslovakia, Russia, India, Poland, China, Indonesia, and dozens of other countries.”


    Obama is a man of the “progressive” Left, a political movement which has long been hostile toward Israel, so indeed none of this should be surprising to anyone.

  2. Well listen Hillary may still be President…and look where her advice comes from? The Arab equivalent of the Christian Democrats of course!


  3. You all need to get with the program; this morning, Obama signed a bill he announced demonstrated his “unprecedented” relationship with Israel. (I hadn’t had my coffee yet, but it still seemed not quite true. I thought in general we didn’t leak information about our allies for one thing, but what do I know.)

  4. In 1980 he changed his name to Barack Hussein Obama – naming himself after Mohammed’s horse Buraq; and after Hussein, a name shared by many men who (over 12 centuries) were famous and feared for hunting down and killing Christians and Jews, etc. etc.

    His defenders say this is normal Christian behavior.

  5. LOL. They kinda need to deal with the fact that Jerusalem is at least partly in the area outside of the 67 line and because of that does not meet international standards as a capital city.

    It’s true there is now a push in Israel to ignore and declare the UN rulings on the occupied territories null but no one knows how that will turn out yet.

    Because of these legal points the US cannot recognize Jerusalem as the capital.

    The hatred of Muslims is disturbing.

  6. PenGun is still right.

    There’s a reason the USG has refused to recognize Jerusalem as the capital, going all the way back to the 60s. It’s not any sort of “Obama Special”.

  7. The US govt didn’t recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital even before 1967. For example, the birth certificate of an American born before 1967 in the part of Jerusalem controlled by Israel would show “Jerusalem, Palestine” as the place of birth, and the US govt has never had its embassy in Jerusalem.

    Obama is obviously hostile to Israel, so he’s not likely to change US policy in this regard.

  8. attention: NO Am president visited Israel but Bush the Father, in his second term. All Am presidents soft pedal where the capital is and do not station our embassy in Jerusalem. It is in Tel Aviv.

    [Jonathan adds: Fred Lapides, is that you? You’ve commented twice from your current IP, using two different names. Please stick to one name or further comments get deleted. As to the substance of your comment, unless you’re being facetious, you should know that most US presidents since Nixon have visited Israel. That’s a big reason why Obama’s behavior stands out.]

  9. “The hatred of Muslims is disturbing.””

    Ye, it is disturbing to the the former residents of Guantanamo who blow up buses of tourists in Bulgaria. Muslims jusy can’t undersatdn why people would hate Muslims who drive from their home in Irvince CA to LAX to kill people waiting in line at the El Al counter. Yes, it is disturbing. Major Hassan disturbed me but he seemed to be happy as he shouted Allahu Ackbar ! and shot down 35 unarmed service members.

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