“Caroline Glick – Israel on the Eve of US Elections”

Worth watching. Glick bluntly describes the delusional nature of current US foreign policy and predicts terrible consequences unless we change course. As she puts it in her closing remarks, Israel embarked on a similar delusional course of action in the early 1990s at the eventual cost of thousands of lives. Current US policy repeats Israel’s naive mistakes on a grand scale and will be much more costly unless we change it. And we have the power to change it merely by voting in a new government.

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2 thoughts on ““Caroline Glick – Israel on the Eve of US Elections””

  1. One of my favorite right wing, warmonger, Israeli spokespeople, but I had to stop watching at about 10 minutes into her speech. I was laughing so hard.

    Yes the world is changing Caroline, get used to it.

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