9 thoughts on “Bought and Paid for”

  1. As many government workers have discovered (much to their dismay, chuckle), politicians lie to and cheat them also. IL guv Pat Quinn recently got booed at the state fair by unions angry that their pensions are in jeopardy.
    As the folk tale goes, “You knew I was a snake when you put me in your pocket.”

  2. It was interesting to see a piece yesterday on Fox about Ryan’s high school government teacher. He loves Ryan but has never voted for him. It was a microcosm of the teachers’ politics. It is just a mystery that such people, who seem intelligent, can be so dull.

    I have to include some of my own children here because 3 of the 5 are Obama voters. They are smart kids (the oldest 47) but don’t seem interested in economics. They hate Sarah Palin and all they seem interested in is social issues. You would think the debt did not exist. My oldest son believes he will never see a penny of Social Security but has no apparent interest in a proposed solution.

  3. To save the UAW he bailed out the car companies – so far (depending on what you read) with “our” stock we are $20 billion to $45 billion in the red – just for GM

    Mike_K I suspect when this finanacial follishness finally hits them – with a depression – or layoff – they will perhaps rethink their support of these policies – but who knows

  4. Ha ha I like that comment Dan hilarious.

    It is a complete given that they will all trudge to the polls and pull the lever for Obama.

    When they eliminated the “straight ticket” Dem ballot here that caused an uproar because now they have to think a bit when they vote.

    I guess the ultimate cynic would say that their vote has already been cast for them… this was probably just telling them to get out to the polls to make sure no one else votes Repub.

  5. Dan – Carl – as a prank it would be great putting a Romney sticker on the window – late at night of course ;-)

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