3 thoughts on ““Guilt Without Fault””

  1. That’s the way it is progressing: It may be that we’re really all criminals that haven’t been prosecuted (yet), comrade.

  2. This of course means they can nail anyone they don’t like,doesn’t it?

    There are too many laws,my fellow felons. I think special panels of jurors from the private sector should be allowed to nullify bad laws and punish abuse of discretion on the part of prosecutors or government agencies. The people who rule us should have to understand that they are our servants and are responsible for their work product. If they don’t perform they can find a job in the private sector.

    Thank-you for posting this link. This type of abuse is not confined to this country either-it is part of a world wide demosclerosis.

  3. You could do the exact same thing with tax law because it is just as arbitrary. I think about this every time we file each March or April (we usually file even earlier) and sign the forms presented to us by our accountant. Our signatures represent oaths that we’ve filled out the forms correctly and honestly which of course we can’t know because we had to hire someone with specialized knowledge to do them for us. And in truth our accountant can’t really know either as the Commissioner of Internal Revenue admitted a few years back no one at the IRS even understands it all.

    We live in an absurd world. Getting more so everyday.

    Also in line with post is an article I caught this morning about the deaf child at a Nebraska preschool who is being asked to change his name because it violates the school board’s weapons policy. His name is Hunter and the ASL sign for that looks like a shooting gesture made with both hands. I kid you not.


    Read it an weep.

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