Michael J. Lotus receives award from Explorers Foundation

The award recognizes Lotus’ work on the concept of the Anglosphere, and his related work on “America 3.0”, authored in collaboration with James C. Bennett, forthcoming from Encounter Books, New York, and his contributions to the growing network of anglosphere scholars and entrepreneurs. Explorers Foundation values the anglosphere as a source of concepts and practices of use to productive people of every race, culture, and nation.

15 thoughts on “Michael J. Lotus receives award from Explorers Foundation”

  1. You understand the Web 2.0 and other numbering schemes are a joke I hope. Foisted on an unsuspecting world by advertising geeks with a sense of humor. America 3.0 follows that pattern well.

    If you want to understand the Anglosphere, ROTFLMFAO, I can recommend “A History of Britain” by Simon Schama.

    You confuse good fortune and a rich continent to rape with some inherent special values. Now that advantage is mostly gone America 3.0 will not be much fun for America.

  2. I was surprised and humbled to receive this award.

    Deep and sincere thanks to the Explorerers Foundation.

    Cobden and Bright are great names to live up to.

    Forward the Anglosphere!

  3. Lex, well done. I’m mulling a book on the Russosphere or Ru-sphere, complete with a chapter titled Dobre Pozhalavut Tel Aviv!

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