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  1. Did you or your daughter buy this Sgt? I was just saying tonight to a woman – at the Chevron Station – had a 1990 Toyota Supra Turbo – a hot car and known by few – that I love it when women break stereotypes – she knew her cars – and now – a woman who gets a stuffed spider and isn’t standing on a chair shrieking ;-) (my own particular stereotype)

  2. No, Bill – we didn’t. We just admired it and took a picture, since I was musing on the earlier posted picture of the real spider.
    I actually don’t care much for spiders, but I wouldn’t stand on a chair shrieking. I do like snakes, though. I fund them quite appealing, which freaks the heck out of a lot of people. This was the fault of my father, actually.


  3. the store that has it is having their fall half off sale next weekend, if its still there I might consider purchasing it.

  4. Sgt – like Indiana Jones – I hate snakes! Maybe it all goes back to my childhood in Studio City – riding my bicycle on a lot – seeing a section of rope across the path – riding over the “rope” and seeing the snake’s forked tongue stick out –

    I drop the bike run for all I had back home – and when I came back an hour later the “rope” was gone..

    It was probably as traumatic an experience for the snake as for me; after all he was just sunning himself minding his own business but still, to a 6 year old…

  5. Sgt – I read your story at the link and what a wise father! Yes, most snakes would prefer to run if given the chance – there os one particularly dangerous African viper that will chase you; can’t remember the name.

    Have several; “snake stories” – a friend since childhood, avid hunter, describes a fall where he is hunting in Wyoming , looks down among the rocks and sees literally hundreds of rattlers – lethargic from the cold, sunning themselves on the rocks – he did a Bruce Jenner imitation of “feet don’t fail me now”.

    Like all animals it comes down to respect – if you don’t have a respect for them they can get you.

    When I was 19 I worked in the back country of Sequoia NP – what an interesting summer that was – supplied by helicopter we were told if bitten by a rattler don’t panic and run – for obvious reasons – they will rarely kill you but you will be sicker than a dog

    A coral snake OTOH – in the Army at Ft Polk LA we used to call them “2 steppers” – 2 steps and you were dead – a neuro toxin…

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