“Disabled WWII and Korean War Veteran Faces Eviction, Freddie Mac Refuses to Return Calls”

It seems like this guy could use a break.

This kind of story is the flip side of Solyndra, Senator Dodd’s mortgage and other offenses of crony capitalism. The rich and connected get bailouts and special favors while ordinary people who are badly down on their luck get no consideration. That’s inevitable when government is big enough to do all of the things that people who want bigger government want government to do.

I hope publicity brings Mr. Scott some relief.

(Thanks to Rich Vail.)

4 thoughts on ““Disabled WWII and Korean War Veteran Faces Eviction, Freddie Mac Refuses to Return Calls””

  1. Thanks guys. I don’t care about traffic. I just want to see this guy keep his house. I think he’s done his duty to America and it’s time to pay HIM back.

  2. Y’know, I read that article, and I don’t actually see described anything that Freddie Mac did wrong. They seem to be asking him to live up to the contract he signed, nothing more. The contract that says ‘here’s some money, either you pay us back, or you give us the house’.

    Meanwhile, this guy is collecting a pension and Social Security, and now wants to collect from Freddie Mac as well?

    I’ve no objection if people want to send him charity, a stroke is a hard thing. But it seems rather brazen for all this publicity to be trying to force Freddie Mac to do so in their stead. If you want to support the guy, do it, don’t pick my pocket and send him my wallet.

  3. thanks guys, please contact your Congressmen and Senators! At this point, that’s the only thing that will put enough pressure on the bureaucrats to save these people.

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