5 thoughts on “Boxing-as-a-Metaphor Songs”

  1. Well, there’s always the theme from Rocky with Obama as Apollo Creed. Also, in keeping with his supporters’ excuses and the venue, how about Rocky Mountain High by John Denver.

  2. The Denver-altitude excuse for Obama’s debate performance, promulgated by Al Gore, is pretty funny.

    Denver is 5280 feet…one mile…above sea level.

    Air Force One, in which Obama spends a lot of time, is a VC-25, which is a variant of the Boeing 747-200B.

    Airliners do not maintain sea level pressure when operating at altitude, they allow the internal cabin pressure to fall (to reduce stress on the structure), generally to a pressure equivalent to 6000-8000 feet above sea level.

    So all conversations that Obama has aboard AF One, and all decisions that he makes while in that aircraft, are at an effective altitude equal to or higher than Denver.

    ….Hey, maybe that explains some things…

  3. Eh, have to throw out Dylan’s Hurricane, of course. Will Smith’s early hit about thinking he could beat Mike Tyson. Ben Folds Five “Boxing”. There’s more, but besides those (including Ken’s note on Zevon’s Mancini) I’ll skip them.

    FWIW, the recently re-released A Naked Singularity by Sergio De La Pava includes a nice riff on boxing, focusing on Wilfred Benitez.

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