6 thoughts on “Christmastime in Texas”

  1. uhh huh, here in FLA we go to seaworld and take their picture with the sea-life.

    Could that be a stuffed long horn?

  2. No, it was live …it was the one which delivered Santa to Courthouse Square somewhat earlier in the day. It was just … very, very placid. Or heavily sedated.

  3. Some years ago when the whatever-it-is-now hotel was the MGM Grand in Reno, you could go downstairs and have your picture taken with a lion. The photographer would take him to his home at night. Don’t know if this lion was sedated either – the photographer wouldn’t say.

    When I was at Kenya some years ago I came to view lions as just 400 lb house cats – as long as they weren’t hungry ;-)

  4. It may have been at the Fort Worth stockyards. There are several of them. They don’t need tranquilizers, they are naturally tranquil.
    As far as lions go – they just sleep in the day, but if you get out of the car they will likely attack. There are a number of videos of people being killed. And at night they are a different species. Don’t go wandering around.

  5. Tom – in my travels around wildlife I have a dozen “dumb tourist” stories. From 2 women in Kenya taking a “midnight stroll” outside the camp – despite being warned by guards after dinner to not do it – to a family running up to a moose and her calf on the Denali Highway.

    As far as the lions the one at the MGM Grand seemed docile – but I wouldn’t want to provoke him. In Kenya you’d see them wandering the roads in the countryside.

    I asked this woman what they did if one was laying in the middle of the road – she said non-nonchalantly “we honk our horns!”

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