No Time for Complacency About Iran

Rick Moran gets it right. Not only is Iran a pressing danger, so are the incompetence and partisanship of key CIA personnel:

Now, we can choose to believe what we read and what we see or we can listen to the very same people were saying in July of 2001 that al Qaeda was not a threat. And let’s not forget most of these same analysts concurred in the estimates regarding Iraqi WMD.

The point is that regardless of recent steps to reform our intelligence capability, it appears that we’re still working with a dysfunctional system where agency personnel feel perfectly comfortable with leaking classified information in a bid to influence both Administration policy and the political process. No one expects everybody to agree on everything. But the American people have a right to expect that the unelected bureaucrats who work at the CIA allow policy making to reside with those we have entrusted for the task – the elected representatives of the people.

(via Jim Miller)

1 thought on “No Time for Complacency About Iran”

  1. Iran just turned down the latest E.U. overture. And, it that’s not enough, Fox News reports (08/05/05) they’ve been caught shipping specialized explosives firing-devices into Iraq to assist the terrorists who are shooting at our troops.

    It think it’s time to take the gloves off.

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