Modern Surveillance

Times change. Recently I was at a Starbucks in Old Town when I noticed that a woman near me got up and left her purse and other valuables at her table while she went to use the restroom or get another coffee.

Then I figured out what she was doing… her friend that she was Skyping with was sitting there, watching her belongings! From what I could see her friend was very vigilant in her task, like an overhead drone.

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6 thoughts on “Modern Surveillance”

  1. Odds are, that is the only instance of camera surveillance in the entire city that had someone watching the screen.
    And about as useful: She’ll see a pair of hands grabbing the stuff and call her pal who is sitting with her skirt around her ankles. Like our mayor and police chief.

  2. Funny but if someone grabbed it and ran off it would be priceless to see her expression! That scene – her just watching it – seems a bit “1084ish” be we are weay beyond that ;-)

  3. You ever wonder what it would be like if you could do that and not worry if someone would steal your stuff? It’s like that most places around here.

  4. Pen-
    There is a place like that. Somewhere, over the rainbow, lies a beach on the North Shore. You can put your stuff down on the sand (wallet, phone, money car keys), walk down the beach for an hour, and when you get back, it is still there. Ain’t sayin’ more…

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