9 thoughts on “Diet Update”

  1. I have a sure fire way of losing weight – I am down to a weight I haven’t been for 30 years. But I warn you, not everyone will want to try this plan.

    But then, no pain, no gain.

    How does this work?

    Jog on a typical near broke municipality’s poorly kept sidewalks.

    Catch your foot on an elevated section – from a tree root.

    Fall ass over tea kettle & smack your face on the sidewalk.

    Knock out a tooth or 2, requiring them to be pulled.

    Then you find yourself just wanting things like soup – beer and wine can still be ingested.

    Don’t even know if the knowledgeable Dr Kennedy has heard of this means of losing weight ;-)

  2. I tried an anchovy once many years ago. Damn near made me puke. I would starve to death sitting in a whole room full of anchovies.

  3. Not that I am a big fan of anchovies, but what’s the big deal? They’re just really salty herring. I can take em or leave em. I don’t generally order them on pizza, for example, but it’s not like I’d turn down a pizza that had them, either.

  4. Never liked anchovies, but I tried them in Vernazza Italy when the wife & I traveled there a few years ago. Beautiful place, that I recommend to everyone. Anyway, the Guidebook said that the anchovies freshly harvested from the Mediterranean every day are unbelievable and a local specialty, a food you MUST try.

    Guess what! Still tasted like crappy, overly salty fish. At least I tried them.

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