Technical Difficulties FIXED

Something is preventing comments from displaying in this blog’s right sidebar. I’m trying to track down the problem. It does not appear to be caused by any of the ad scripts in the header or left sidebar (which load before the right sidebar does). If you have a suggestion for what the problem might be you are welcome to leave it here as a comment.

Thanks, and apologies for the inconvenience.

UPDATE: The problem was caused by a bad character in a comment. Fixed now.

6 thoughts on “<s>Technical Difficulties</s> FIXED”

  1. Jonathan,

    There are suspiciously few comments showing on recent postings at all, apart from the side bar…

    Have you taken a look at the comments as they are saved in the database? I’m imagining one with a problem, say one too large for the database field? Or perhaps with some intentional or inadvertent “denial of service” tags in it? Or maybe just plain database corruption?

    Good luck with it.


  2. It is an abuse of the English language to talk about comments “displaying” or ” showing.”

    Both “display” and “show” are transitive verbs, meaning that they take an object.

    Comments are, therefore, “displayed” or “shown.”

    It’s a wonder the lousy grammer like this reads at all.

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