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  1. Well, THAT’s not passing ADA inspection, you can damned sure bet *that*….

  2. Well, the properties of the photograph have it as Jerusalem … but it reminds me of Mark Twain’s observation about the only joke in the Bible – the street *called* Straight in Damascus …

  3. A very pretty passage way. Indeed this may be a main street in Jerusalem. Notice that there are three openings on the right side covered with steel grills. This usually indicates shops. Notice the window sized openings have bars. There are no windows at ground level.

    Jeerusalem is not as safe as Sioux City, South Dakota. Souix City has unprotected windows at ground level. But socialism and ‘income equality’ are more important in Jerusalem than they are in Souix City.

  4. It’s an offshoot of Habad Street, one of the main streets in the Jewish Quarter.

    Not sure what the point of your Sioux City comparison is.

  5. Windows at ground level are common in midwest small towns, rare in ancient cities.

    It is said that breaking windows is a good way to stimulate an economy. Obviously, there comes a time when windows are not replaced.

    I wonder if socialism and income equality are involved in breaking windows or in deciding not to replace them.

  6. Nice color composition and framing. Years ago while in Greece I saw a similar scene of a Greek monastery – liked the 3 archways going back to give it depth – just as I hit the shutter a monk started walking in from the back – made the whole picture.

    Not that i planned it ;-)

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