11 thoughts on “חג שמח – Happy Passover”

  1. Sgt. Mom: “(Matzos …num-num-num-num!)”

    My haggadah (the prayer book for the seder service that is the first meal of the Passover) says:

    Leader: holds up the plate with the matzah on it and says:

    “Lo! This is the bread of affliction”

    After eating it for a week, most Jews agree.

  2. Bread of affliction? My first encounter with matzos was when the Girl Scout troop that I belonged to was headed off into the mountains for a long camping trip which overlapped with Passover, and one of our members was Jewish and brought along a HUGE stock of matzos. All the rest of the troop loved them. I think we polished off most of her matzos during that trip. Unsalted, slightly tough soda crackers go good with everything! Now and again, I buy a packet for old time’s sake.

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