The “Professionals”

Lots will be written about the Boston bombings in the coming months but what I have to say about it will be relatively short and sweet.

From my outpost here in rural Wisconsin, it appears that the people of Boston are a bunch of babies. They follow orders from “professionals” very well though, that I will admit.

There is zero chance that a “stay in your house” order would be obeyed out here in the sticks – I have talked to many of my farmer neighbors already on the subject. In fact, there is also zero chance that those murderers would survive long out here in the rural areas – they would have gotten shot between the eyes, plain and simple, by any of a number of citizens. On that subject, what is up with the lack of marksmanship with the “professionals”? Hundreds and hundreds of rounds volleyed, and one guy lives to tell the tale? Houses shot full of holes that weren’t even in the line of fire? Really? These guys get paid to do this?

There were thousands of cops on the scene in Boston, and the surviving jerk still somehow got outside of the cordon. I would think this to be embarrasing to the “professionals”. It was clear, at least from where I was sitting, that the “professionals” didn’t have a great grasp on the situation. I laughed when I saw the state troopers marching in formation or the swat guys parading through the neighborhood riding on the running boards of the Hummer. The show of force does not impress the terrorists, or basically anyone – besides perhaps the cowering citizens of Boston and the associated suburbs.

Can you imagine how bad this would have been if the bombers were actually smart?

Sorry to have to take this tack in the wake of these murders, but it really, really looks bad on tv from where I am sitting, at least.

People of Boston: get some guns, band together, and do something. When we had a horrible blizzard here a few months ago we had lives on the line but we all worked together, checked in on each other and helped where needed. You didn’t hear about it because we took care of it ourselves with no help from anyone including the “professionals”. People and livestock were in serious danger, but we worked hard and made things happen while the “professionals” told us to stay inside.

The “professionals” obviously didn’t bring their “a game” to this event, nor should be counted on to do so in the future. Always remember: you are the first responder. Take action.

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  1. A play by play analysis would be interesting to have. Hundreds of rounds and he drives away – disappears (I’m in no way expert but upon hearing this my first thought was that something didn’t add up); hiding in a yard that had been “examined”: sure raises some questions.

    One positive aspect is that public situational awareness generally will be raised and at least this particular tactic ( heavy backpack-bomb at large gathering ), especially, will be more difficult to pull off.

    Of course new tactics mutate and it’s impossible guard against ambush absolutely.

  2. Agree that there is still a lot of this to come out and yes there is no way to fully guard against ambush. I have a feeling we are not hearing a lot of details since they might be embarrassing to the cops.

  3. Thank you SO MUCH for putting into words what has been on my mind the past few days. Were they shooting an old episode of the A Team where there is a five minute shoot-out and no one gets hit?

  4. Massachusetts did a further tightening of gun laws in the 90s making it more difficult for citizens to have firearms. Interestingly, homicides via firearms have increased since this legislation went into effect. Guess the bad guys just don’t care about following the firearms laws. What a surprise.

  5. Dan, don’t want to hijack the thread here, but speaking of professionals let’s consider professional journalism:

    At 10:30 this, Sunday, morning I go to Drudge Report and see “FBI HUNTS 12-MEMBER SLEEPER CELL” associated with BM bombers, and linked story to The Mirror (apparently the online presence of The Daily Mirror, a London paper). Near 11:00 AM now and not a mention at Fox, CBS, NBC, AP, or Reuters online (just for kicks I checked). Wife was watching FOX tv and nothing there.

    Ah, all props to Mr. Drudge, and, it seems like, British tabloid journalism.

  6. The story is that the shots heard around the boat were firecrackers and simulations to confuse him. As it happened, he was unresponsive.

    City folks are a lot more conditioned to follow orders than country folks. Some of that is appropriate; standing in line for example. Boston is as “blue” a city as New York.

    The FBI terrorism manual deleted references to radical Islam a couple of years ago. The FBI failed to follow up on this guy they interviewed in 2011. He was not under observation after he returned from Dagestan, for example. It all smacks of Lee Harvey Oswald again. Anybody else read Legend ?

    Today on “This Week” I did not hear the words “Muslim” or “Islam” during the program which was a special about the bombing. Dan Coats was the only one to suggest more consideration of the immigration bill. The others opposed him and said it should be passed immediately. Without hearings, of course. The ICE union chief, a critic of the bill, was not allowed to ask a question at the “press conference” on the bill.

    The fix is in.

  7. The Daily Mail has had a lot of interesting photos and links that I haven’t seen in our domestic media. I am sure that like in sports journalism the domestic media do not want to burn or criticize sources in the various police departments for fear of losing access.

  8. This might be black helicopter and tinfoil hat territory, but I wonder if they had the suspects already dead/arrested when they were doing the state trooper marching in formation thing and the riding around on the Hummer running board deal. Can you imagine a worse tactic to take against a guy or guys with bombs?

  9. Just like the slaves who “inadvertently” lost or broke their tools, the cops have ulterior motives: they are all there for the overtime, and it is not in their interests to shoot straight, at least not until a bullet carries the cop’s name.

  10. Without knowing the exact circumstances of the shootout it is hard to critique “The Professionals” for the other brother’s getting away

    I am amazed at the speed those guys were ID’ed by the public.

    If they had been smart they would have headed out of the country as soon as they had set off the bombs.

  11. Exactly Bill. I agree that there is much to come out on this and that they should have fled. Shows how confident they were of not getting caught. But I am just commenting on the info the cops and feds have released themselves.

  12. nicely said Mr. Madison this time we subdued the terrorists with our overwhelming dorkyness

    next time we may not be so lucky

  13. Maybe the FBI should have funneled them to Northfield, Minnesota?

    They’d have met their end somewhere just west of Syracuse, upstate NY state being flyover country. Maybe sooner if they tries to do south around the finger lakes.

  14. A commenter at Bookworm Room had the ultimate scornful nic for the Marathon bombers – The Beantown Blaster Brothers. Maybe it would be good for us to make fun of terrorists, hold them up to scorn.

  15. I like dead better too..but no they’re not bad shots. They wanted him alive.

    Why don’t you do a round of war or terrorism then come talk some smack?

    The Cops/FBI are following orders, they are the wrong tool for War. The right tool for war was threatened nearly daily with JAIL if they went and committed war. I was there…yes..I am a tool. Oh we were there..but that wasn’t war.

    Now. Ye the People put in charge a government that has sold you out. Ye the People are the Game animals in Jihad Safari. Ye the People are well aware of this, that the Saudi’s bought our govt was quite publicly discussed 12 years ago. Ye the People let your Army go to war tied up in knots. We were game animals too..but we’re more interesting cuz we have hard shells and shoot back. Now you’re back on the menu. Hey we bought you time. But you know all this..and all you do is grumble.

    Explain to me why anyone should risk anything for Ye the People so lacking in regard for yourselves or your defenders?

    People die buying you time, sheep. Be grateful you get that. Now go cash your government checks – the price of your timid sh*t talking souls – and STFU. Be happy it wasn’t you that got blown up.

  16. Hmm. OK. Well I guess if for some reason Madison WI and it’s surrounding environs are attacked you’ll show us all how it’s done.

    Then those of us who have endured terror and went to war over it can be duly impressed.

    The FBI/Police no matter how valiant are the Wrong Professionals for the Job, the right professionals have their hands tied with threat of prison. The Military and Intelligence organs. Nothing we do is or should be legal. It’s War.

    What you saw in Boston was a counterattack by the enemy, a counterattack where they committed their elite Troops – the Chechens.

    So swing by your local Orthodox Church and do light a candle for Vlad Putin. Because whatever he does is far more valuable then what your defenders are allowed to even think of..never mind do. Light a candle for the FSB as well..because somewhere in Russia tonite..the FSB is protecting you.

    Not that you deserve it.

  17. Dan from Madison Says:
    April 21st, 2013 at 10:17 am

    The Daily Mail has had a lot of interesting photos and links that I haven’t seen in our domestic media. I am sure that like in sports journalism the domestic media do not want to burn or criticize sources in the various police departments for fear of losing access.

    Noting that I read British papers daily, because they cover events in the US that our media will not cover. There is a definite Leftist bias, and they still worship Obama; but they at least cover a lot of political news that US media will not touch.

    Right now, our media is busy doing the classic blind, deaf, and mute monkey imitation.

    If you have an investigation of anything, you look for anomalies and you follow the money. They have done neither.

    If the bomber was Cletus P. Cornpone from Alabama the media would have chased down and investigated his family in horrendously tedious detail, his current neighbors, his church members [but the Tsarnaev’s went to a mosque, so that group is off limits], we would know about the political leanings of the church, and their sports acquaintances would be subjected to media proctology. Not to mention all their classmates and girlfriends.

    Several days after their identity was known, what have we heard about their backgrounds from the media? Two things. Diddley and Squat.

    And then there is the matter of their finances. Do they have jobs? If not, how are they supported? Superficial claims are that the father is in Chechnya. Mother is apparently a convicted shoplifter in Boston. One sister lives in New Jersey, and I think the other lives in Boston, but is not in close contact. Uncle lives in Maryland and wants nothing to do with them.

    College ain’t cheap. Living in Boston ain’t cheap. Being an athlete ain’t cheap. How do they pay their bills? Are they getting monthly wire transfers from the Islamic Bank of Grozny? or from the Wahabist Federal Credit Union of Saudi Arabia?

    And if they do have jobs, how come we have not had the media in the faces of their bosses and co-workers like we would have if it was Cletus?

    It’s awful quiet, don’t you know.

    Subotai Bahadur

  18. I believe it’s already been reported they were on the USG Teat.

    It doesn’t take much money to do what they did, what it does take is 1st class right 1st time bombmaking expertise and IED M.O tradecraft.

    This MO is used thousands of times in Iraq and Afghanistan.

    That’s the actual dead giveaway. If you try to DIY at home your going to end up like these 2 wannabe idiots in Bayonne NJ who just blew up their apartment.

    Go right ahead and try it if you believe these idiots DIY.

    Now what if the entire trail leads exactly to Saudi Arabia? So what?

    What are you going to do then?

    It does of course. Whether they find it or not.

    Detachment is now my goal. It’s a personal goal I’ll strive for, I apologize for any intemperate comments. Ye the Victims are quite determined to remain so.

    What happened in Boston was the enemy has counterattacked with the elite Troops of Jihad – The Chechens.

    Respect the enemy for regrouping from hammer blows so fast and throwing in the Big Guns.

    And the most important Alphabet soup is the FSB. Unrestrained rough men ready to do violence on their behalf, but you’ll probably sleep safer as a result.

  19. The actual real story might be: why are the Chechen’s throwing in now in the USA? They were plenty busy in Iraq and Astan – and in GITMO but the key question is: what changed to get the Chechens to commit to attacks on the American Homeland?

    When you are looking at complex networks with Human Interests that are suddenly acting differently – you must ask whose interests changed?

  20. Dan, you are absolutely right.

    I am after a lifetime of being seduced by the Siren Song of Reason trying to break off the relationship.

    I will humbly accept correction whenever I stray.

    Odd. I’ve understood action not words counts my entire life.

  21. what is up with the lack of marksmanship with the “professionals”?

    It’s a myth that the average street cop is highly trained in firearm use. Things have improved since Columbine, in some places at least, but I’ll bet you can still find plenty of annual firearms qualification tests that will make you either guffaw or sob depending on your inherent outlook on life.

  22. Kirk -agreed. I dont like seeing my local police so out of shape either.

    I saw an interview with the Waterford chief of police last night. We do not know a lot about the first shootout. The interviewer was trying to put some of the missing pieces of the shootout together, but in between praising his officers numerous times, the chief wouldn’t really say how the younger brother got away. I am assuming that this piece of info may be embarassing. We will probably have to wait for some time to get the details.

    I am not sure why it is so difficult for law enforcement to admit a failure. As a business owner I need to own up to my mistakes all the time and strive to correct them. How can you fix things like poor marksmanship or letting a bad guy get away if you will not admit that you made an error in the first place?

    In fact, I have not seen one LEO say they did one thing wrong in this whole episode, from the feds on down. Perhaps it is standard practice for LEO to never admit failure publicly, but to take care this sort of dirty laundry internally.

  23. “Perhaps it is standard practice for LEO to never admit failure publicly, but to take care this sort of dirty laundry internally.”

    That wasn’t the case with the defector from the New York Police Department. That stuff was just covered up. Also, those police chiefs were against Rudy G, ostensibly because actual law enforcement policies were being implemented for NYC.

    The unions, as always, have their hands in a lot of things going wrong behind the scenes.

  24. I am beginning to think that the Watertown police chief is covering something up. The chief’s story about the shootout simply does not make any sense at all, and I have heard him repeat the same exact story line for line several times now. Don’t know if it is because of union protocol or something, but it is really weird.

  25. In the shootout with the two brothers some cops ran out of bullet. Who knows how many shots were fired at the boy in the boat who was injured and surrounded . But the zero , Joey B, DDifi Knows that i do not need more than 10 rounds in my magazine ??

  26. Some simple questions —

    Where were the Boston PD helicopters?

    Where were the Fed’s anti-drug choppers?

    Why were they not on top of the car chase, IED slinging and shoot out?

    Why were they not on top of the younger brother when he ditched the SUV like the LAPD choppers were on top of OJ Simpson?

    There were helicopter thermal cameras on the boat, why were they not on top of the fire fight?

  27. Boston Lessons learned from 20 minutes after 20 hours–

    Urban cops are alien tourists in their own city. They can’t help but be if they are driving from call to call in cars or sitting in fortified station houses.

    Driving through a neighbothood a few hours daily isn’t walking and living in one.

    Urban Cops don’t know where things are.

    Urban Cops need local guides in every neighborhood to find things locals know from living there.

    Locking down urban citizens lets terrorists — who know local terrain better than the local urban cops — successfully hide or get away.

    Citizens with cell phones find terrorists faster than thousands of urban cops.

  28. Since we are talking about local knowledge, and the efficacy of the locals, something I posted over at S.WEASEL may have a bearing; although not in Blue State urban areas.

    OK, as a retired Peace Officer, I can see wanting … superiority of firepower … over the two Muslim Terrorists. But it has to be admitted that most of the upgunning of the police, and definitely the formerly civilian portions of the Federal Executive Branch is aimed at the American population and not against any threat to them. Anyone who has dealt with DHS minions who are more than happy to claim that an order from the President always overrides the Constitution knows that.

    And, living in a not yet disarmed and submissive part of the country [unlike Leftist Massachusetts] something crossed my mind and the minds of a few friends. Keep in mind that my town is full of retired Peace Officers and retired military.

    Several of the suburban civilians who videoed the first clash between the two Islamist terrorists and the police on their smartphones were in a perfect overwatch position. Their commentary showed that they knew who the good guys were, and who the bad guys were in that firefight.

    There was a shared thought that here, where the people are armed and frequently and willingly come to the aid of law enforcement; that if a nearby city had been hit with a terrorist bombing and it was known that the authorities were tearing the area apart looking for the terrorists, that several of the locals would have pulled out far better weaponry than the terrorists had and taken advantage of visibility, enfilade, and elevation to take measured, aimed shots at the terrorists. Given those advantages, and that they were not distracted by any incoming fire, most likely neither of the Chechens would have gotten away.

    On a somewhat related point, our politicized professionals seem to be doing their best to pretend that there is no such thing as Islamic terrorism. For a Muslim to get put on the terrorist watch list seems to be all but impossible [q.v. Tamerlan Tsarnaev], and if Glenn Beck is correct, even if you are on the list you can be granted a student visa, live in an entirely different state than the school that you are in the country to attend, and have high level Federal intervention when you are a person of interest in a terrorist attack.

    Somehow, with the Canadians breaking up an Iranian terror attack on the Niagara Falls train today; my confidence in the ability or intent of our Federales to protect us is …. not at a peak.

    Subotai Bahadur

  29. SB – Carl from Chicago and I were discussing this point. We are both convinced that if this happened in Texas or Florida for instance that the whole deal would have been done far earlier than it was in Boston. The more information that I am reading,, the more it appears that my original thesis in the post is correct. Boston strong my ass. These people are just a bunch of babies, waiting for the professionals to take care of them.

  30. }}} There is a definite Leftist bias, and they still worship Obama; but they at least cover a lot of political news that US media will not touch.

    You’re obviously reading the wrong one(s). In the UK, the papers are all openly biased, and acknowledge it openly. The readers know it and expect it. They pick their paper based on the flavor of bias they favor…

    There’s a great bit about it here: Yes, Prime Minister

  31. I think this proves that the selective breeding for docility has worked out quite well.

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