Night Paddling

Last weekend we set out from the marina at a local park, shortly before sunset. The weather was good with a 2/3 moon that provided plenty of light. A breeze kept the bugs down.

We entered an upscale residential canal and stopped for a bite.
Canal 1

[More photos below the break.]

Canal 2
Canal 3
Canal 4
The canal is separated from the adjacent bay by several hundred yards of dense mangroves. Our plan was to create adventure by finding a path through these mangroves. Google Earth helped but it doesn’t show the smaller channels, so some trial and error was involved. This was the fun part.

Into the mangroves.
Mangroves 1
Checking GPS.
Mangroves 2
Looking ahead at the end of a mangrove blind alley. Whoops.
Mangroves 3
Backing away from the cul de sac. This is where canoes, which are symmetrical, have an advantage over kayaks.
Mangroves 4
After a few minutes of backward motion we were able to reorient our kayaks in a small area where the channel became a bit wider. Happily the water was very shallow. (You can’t see it because of the flash but there was enough moonlight to get around easily without lights.)
Mangroves 5
Eventually we found our way to the bay and floated for quite a while before we returned to the marina at upper right. Our second floating picnic of the evening was very pleasant. A fun night overall.
In the bay

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  1. I thought the same thing Jezzy. Then I am wondering if the inhabitants are permanently on something to live in purple light

  2. Very nice. That third one especially shows nice creamy bokeh, a sweet shot! The Pentax is working well for you.

    I’m not sorry I bought an X-E1 but these and Carl’s higher res shots reveal a very nice camera/lens system.

    I may have been looking at camera and lens tests a bit too much lately. ;)

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