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  • Desecration

    Posted by Jay Manifold on October 22nd, 2005 (All posts by )

    TIME dutifully reports that:

    … as one Kabul cleric Mohammed Omar told newsmen, “The burning of these bodies is an offense against Muslims everywhere. Bodies are burned only in Hell.”

    I know just what he has in mind.


    5 Responses to “Desecration”

    1. Time Magazine Says:

      Hey, no fair showing that picture! Do you want to spoil everything for us? Jeez.

    2. Malice Aforethought Says:

      blogroll deletion

      Jay Manifold has left the blogroll. He thinks it was excusable for US troops to position two dead Taliban facing Mecca and burn their bodies, then taunt onlookers:Desecration Jay Manifold TIME dutifully reports that:… as one Kabul cleric Mohammed Oma…

    3. Robert McClelland Says:

      Fuckin A, dood, because all Muslims are terrorists.

    4. Jay Manifold Says:

      Hey, I got a delink (which I resolutely refuse to reciprocate) out of this!

    5. Ginny Says:

      You are a gentleman. Pointing to other’s hypocrisy is not excusing one’s own sins.