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  • Blogger Fashion Update!

    Posted by Jonathan on October 28th, 2005 (All posts by )

    Our Autumn Footwear Collection

    (Previous post: Resort and Casual Wear)


    10 Responses to “Blogger Fashion Update!”

    1. Tyouth Says:

      I love the high rise slacks…..some flooding over your way Jon?

    2. Robert Schwartz Says:

      New Balance Comfort Walkers in 13EE, here. The shoe was formerly known as the Postal Walker, but the obvious jokes about going postal caused them to change its name.

      And why would you want to drag your pant legs on the ground and get them dirty?

    3. Jonathan Says:


      That’s not a bug, it’s a feature. Not to mention that the high albedo of the socks helps attract attention from rescue aircraft.

    4. dick Says:

      Reminds me of the 50’s and Hush Puppy shoes

    5. Tyouth Says:

      Beauty follows form which follows function; and so the sturdy shoes (look at that heavy duty stitching!) and the reflecting hose are sweet.

    6. Lex Says:

      I like the look. But don’t go by me. You want an expert opinion, I’m sure. So: Send it to Manolo.

    7. incognito Says:

      khaki and suede (looks like brown?). I like it, preppy.

    8. Manolo the Shoeblogger Says:

      The expert opinion of the Manolo?


      These, they are in the techincal terms, “stank nasty”.

      Best of the Wishes,


    9. Jonathan Says:

      The truth, sometimes it hurts.


    10. sexy shoes Says:

      So what exactly is the deal with these shoes anyway?