My Bias is OK; Your Bias is Corruption

Another government-backed-media controversy. Of course when there’s any question of bias in the other direction, most (all?) of the critics cited in connection with this PBS dispute are only too happy to live with the status quo.

These conflicts cannot be resolved. Privatization is the only solution that respects everyone involved, including most especially the taxpayers who are forced to pay for these government-media circuses.

3 thoughts on “My Bias is OK; Your Bias is Corruption”

  1. Perhaps we should elect the board of directors for PBS directly. Let the public have a direct say in the running of “public” broadcasting.

    Yea, like that will ever happen.

  2. It is somewhat amazing that the LLL seems to
    think that only government-paid-for media is
    capable of telling us “the truth”.

    Why not go all the way and simply rename
    NPR & PBS Pravda?

  3. More simply, let the government “spin off” public broadcasting.

    Most reasonable people now recognize the harm that was done by creating a permanent welfare class. It’s time to recognize that the government has done the same thing to PBS.

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