New! – Your Ironic Middle-Aged Haikus of the Day

Returned rental car
They tried to charge extra hours
Not what they quoted


Your doctor’s office
Miscoded the procedure
Insurance won’t pay


Modern vampire tales
Even square beta guys know
It’s porn for teen girls


Once upon a time
We laughed at denture glue ads
Sadly, no longer

12 thoughts on “New! – Your Ironic Middle-Aged Haikus of the Day”

  1. Sedentary death
    syndrome, I suspect, will be
    part of what kills me

    The guy begging said
    You hate blacks, I went mental,
    caused a public scene

    I once had big plans
    Now, to sit on the porch and read,
    would be a huge win

    young lawyers at court:
    successful guys my age can
    send others, not me

    young woman in
    a clingy dress, distracted,
    almost got run over

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