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    Posted by David Foster on August 28th, 2013 (All posts by )

    How did Estonia become a leader in technology?

    Richard Fernandez on the creation of a whole generation of risk-averse elites

    Why is the golden age of television so dark?

    Finding the right balance between optimism and realism

    How to evaluate your own emotional intelligence

    How the politicized life is destroying society

    Flying aboard the PanAm–Boeing Clipper, circa 1940

    Transoceanic aircraft navigation in the Clipper era.  (The author uses the term “bearing” incorrectly: the proper term for the direction the airplane is headed in is actually “heading.)

    The man who loved not wisely, but at least twice



    1. dearieme Says:

      O/T but the sort of thing I thought might interest you chaps.

    2. MikeK Says:

      David, the Fernandez link needs to be corrected.

    3. David Foster Says:

      Fernandez fixed…thanks, MK

    4. Robert Schwartz Says:

      The Richard Fernandez link goes to the Estonia article.

    5. MikeK Says:

      For a moment there, I thought you had a link to my biography at the end. At least I can be thankful for a less painful story.

    6. ErisGuy Says:

      “Why is the golden age of television so dark?”

      Art is but a reflection of society.