4 thoughts on “Quote Of The Day”

  1. “Bad/really bad” is not nearly as bad as “really really bad.” Thefore, conventional it is.

    What was so hard about that?

  2. “Iran is mountainous, full of hardened underground sites. Surgical anything is out.”

    This one bother me. Let’s try thinking about it. Let’s say that Iran is making N-bombs in underground facilities scattered throughout the mountains and deserts of the country. Let’s say that the USAF knows the whereabouts of these places. Further,let’s say that they do not have bombs that can reach and destroy the underground facilities.

    Does that mean that the USAF cannot do anything useful? I don’t think so.

    The USAF can bomb the highways and bridges leading up to the sites. They can bomb the electric lines that supply it. They can bomb aqueducts that supply the facilities. They can bomb the barracks of guards and personnel (remember, these facilities are out in the outback). They can bomb the exits and entrances.

    Iran my have N-bombs, but after the bombing campaign they won’t have access to them.

    Siege warfare is the oldest type of organized war.

    Every fortress is a prison, the only question is who controls the gates.

  3. Given UAV technology, it would be pretty cheap to keep an eye on any sites we wanted to. However, my guess is that the best strategy is to take out as many military units as possible at the same time and and try to foment an internal regime change.

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