Know Your Bloggers

Chicagoboyz are renowned for their fashion sensibility. This candid shot captures one of our principal contributors snatching a brief moment of relaxation during a secret blogging retreat in the Bahamas.

13 thoughts on “Know Your Bloggers”

  1. Couldn’t be trendy and wear flip-flops?

    And we wonder why they hate US……

    Bigger belly, less hair and more grey…..

  2. So when do we start tan blogging? How ’bout bikini blogging(?) – with photos of choice subjects, mind you. And no, you don’t count.

    Another topic possibility, poolside cocktail blogging. I’m sure we can all get into that. We’ll have to do some proper research first, of course. I’ve always been partial to mai-tai’s in coconuts. Umbrellas optional.

  3. Great bird’s eye view of the chap wearing black, mid-rise, hosiery and, what appears to be, dress shoes. Really, I think black anklettes would’ve been more appropriate.

  4. poolside computing, I’ve tried that. couldn’t get it to work though since the sun is too bright to see the screen effectively. anyone have a fix for that?

  5. yes, I tried it under a wide poolside umbrella. I can see the contents of the screen, but barely on a bright day.

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