Of Mice (well actually birds) and Men

So a scientist spends an ungodly amount of time painstakingly analyzing in exciting detail the bird species that humans hunted in California prior to European contact. In doing so he built up an ecological profile. What did it show?

Broughton concluded that California wasn’t always a lush Eden before settlers arrived. Instead, from 2,600 to at least 700 years ago, native people hunted some species to local extinction, and wildlife returned to “fabulous abundances” only after European diseases decimated Indian populations starting in the 1500s.

So the secret to a vibrant ecosystem is dead Native Americans? That’s not very poetic.

2 thoughts on “Of Mice (well actually birds) and Men”

  1. now Shannon, you know better than to utter such politically incorrect non-sense. we all know that Native Americans were at one with nature. and the real enemies are those evil Europeans. I’m surprised the ministry of truth hasn’t labeled you a racist and xenophobe, and sentenced you to political re-education. er, I mean diversity training…

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