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  1. I think that what you are doing is like Rotsi:

    From MySwitzerland.com the Official website of Switzerland Tourism:

    Rösti From farmers’ breakfast to national dish

    The difference in mentality between the German- and French-speaking Swiss – occasionally referred to as the ‘Rösti Divide’ – does not exist on a culinary level. Rösti, originally the typical farmers’ breakfast in German-speaking Switzerland, today is a Swiss national dish popular on both sides of the divide. Each region has its own special way of cooking rösti though and Bern, for example, is famous for its crispy butter rösti.


    Check it out. There is a recipe.

  2. BTW: This year Hanukkah coincides with Thanksgiving.

    Maybe I should do serve something like Rosti.

    Thanksgiving Day November 28, 2013 is the first day of Hanukkah, but like all Jewish festivals it will begin at sunset the night before, i.e. Wednesday November 27 when the first candle will be lit. At sundown on November 28 it will be time for 2 candles.

    Some old fashioned folks will start cooking thanksgiving dinner at 4 am on Thursday and will eat it at noon. The less dedicated among us will not sit down to dinner until well after sunset.

  3. “In America 3.0, once it is in full flower, we will get our latkes from a matter compiler.”

    In this I hope your prediction is wrong; otherwise the world will be a little less enjoyable. There is nothing like the smell food cooking to whet the appetite.

    Kinda like how reading is still more enjoyable to me with a real book rather than an e-book.

    My Grandma would make these sometimes and they were delicious. She would also do the same thing with leftover mashed potatoes then topped with a little gravy. Yum!

  4. I tried the blade. It was disaster. It produced mush. I probably ought to find a grater disk with smaller holes.

  5. I think that you have to drain the rated raw potatoes, or at least squeeze out the excess moisture, because otherwise they will be horridly soggy. Squeeze out water from the potatoes, dust with a little flour, a little salt and pepper, mix in a little flour and a beaten egg and make them fairly thin …
    The Auslander Restaurant in Fredericksburg Texas makes perfectly divine little mini-potato pancakes, about the size of a fifty-cent piece, although we suspect that all they are doing is squashing a thawed potato-tot and frying it in half and half butter and oil.

  6. Yeah I am still trying to get official notice of this plastic spatula nonsense. Health Canada says they are fine as the plastic is not dangerous. I an working on the CSA (Canadian Standards Association) to get them to do something.

    I was married to Lithuanian and they make a thing which is just grated potatoes which is disgusting. Many years later when I was learning to cook, I love it now, I discovered the Lithuanians are just not together enough to wash the damn potatoes clean after grating them. A Latke is a wonderful thing and done right, light, crispy and delicious.

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