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  1. Clearly, Annan did not get where he is by scrupulous honesty. A forked tongue is quite useful for a UN officer.

  2. It’s a strange juxtaposition but it isn’t inconsistent. America’s military isn’t supposed to serve America’s interest, it’s supposed to serve the interests of the world.

    See? Gitmo is an American project benefiting America, thus it should be shut down. Operations in Africa would have no benefit at all for America, thus that’s where American soldiers should be.

  3. I wonder which face Kofi chooses to shave in the mornings.

    Kofi’s “Joker-like” bifascia could be the predictable side-effect of another strange disconnect on display at the U.N.: illiberal, unelected governments from countries with scant civil liberties sending “delegates” to participate in a consensus-based deliberative body!

    Any chance the U.N. will tighten up its admissions requirements to permit only democracies? Then the body’s president won’t have to wink and smile across the podium at posing “diplomats” from some of the world’s worst regimes.

    I think isolating the “Anti-Democratic Bloc” on the world stage will clarify our current lines of battle, draw out the “enemy,” elimate his proxies, and make it easier for us to win.

    I’ll bet the “Scowcroftian-Real Politik” and Barnett-ian schools of foreign policy won’t agree. They would argue against anything that magnifies societal distinctiveness in the body, in the belief that acknowledging geo-political divisions will impede “interconnectedness,” or “destabilize regions.”

  4. Novak (if he is correct) cites another case of (dare we say) duplicity. “Face time” to “boost” his ratings consists of demands of Bush.

    Obama and Brownback on Lehrer this week discussed Darfur. Amazingly, these politicians discussed a real problem & posited real solutions, without ad hominem, political, or even snarky comments. Of course, the extent of that tragedy calls to the heart & head in a way that makes small the political. In Annan, not surprisingly, it brings out the opportunistic & sly.

  5. Fallout from the Iraq war produced two significant revelations: 1) WMD were not found; and 2) The UN had been bribed to block any action against Saddam. Kofi and his lot are steaming ahead with the narrative that the latter is less significant, or is somehow mitigated by the first. Amazingly, they seem to be succeeding.

  6. Kofi’s “Joker-like” bifascia could be the predictable side-effect of another strange disconnect on display at the U.N.:…

    I think Annan acts less like The Joker and more like another great Batman villain named Two-Face.

    Unless you mean the playing card Joker, in which case you should ignore this comment.


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