1 thought on “Comments on “The Party for America Suckers””

  1. I have read these far left claims and I just do not find any evidence to support them. Nevertheless, the people making the claims {at the time they make the claims} appear to be sober, drug free, uncoerced, rational and sane. They know what day it is, who’s president, and what planet they’re on. Many have achieved greatness in their field which accomplishment suggests a certain level of judgement and responsibilty. Therefore they deserve to be taken seriously. Because so many say the same thing, its hard to say their crazy ideas are caused by a bad batch of booze, or strange mushrooms, bad weed, or pipe dreams. Therefore they must know something we don’t or have some proof for their claims which they are keeping to themselves.

    Or is it possible that liberalism, like islamism, is a religion? That the tenets of liberalism need no proof because they must be accepted on faith? If Liberalism is a religion then that would explain why its member are so intollerant of opposing viewpoints because intollerance is a characteristic of religion.

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