It Doesn’t Matter

I see today Diane Feinstein is ruffling her cankles and saying that she wants to force insurance companies to re-adopt programs that they were forced to cancel due to ZeroCare ™.

News flash Diane – IT’S TOO LATE.

Tens of thousands of small business owners like myself (and individuals and other entities) were forced to sign up to new coverage because of time constraints. Our (great) old policy was cancelled, our agents (and Blue Cross) couldn’t get to us with new policies in any sort of timely fashion because they couldn’t figure out what was legal, and what wasn’t. A few weeks ago we had a choice – sign for “this new policy” – with a dramatic price increase, or cut everyone loose to the exchanges (that don’t work) and provide them some sort of stipend.

We can’t just flip the switch back and forth. The real world doesn’t work this way. Ah, who am I kidding. They don’t exist in the real world.

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  1. They passed this on a party line vote. The destructive consequences are written right into the law and were accurately predicted years ago. They own it.

  2. Will be interesting to see how far the senators up for reelection in 2014 distance themselves from their president. But they all voted for it too so that will be a tough road to hoe. Assuming, of course, that the Republicans actually introduce sane candidates.

  3. Health-industry expert Bob Laszewski:

    “The audacity of this administration to continue telling people to keep going back to the website and the call center when they knew full well that only 25 people per day per state were making it thorough the gauntlet that is is startling.

    This program is in grave danger of collapsing if the administration cannot dramatically grow the size of the risk pool and attract healthy people to it.”

    The only reality based question on the table is what are the options when Obamacare collapses and takes down the current system private health insurance with it.

    The Republican’s best option is simple say the only thing they will vote for it 100% repeal…and wait.

    I doubt that the DC Republicans will do that.

  4. Does anyone think that this puts pressure on to pass an immigration bill before the end of the year that gives citizenship (EITC tax refunds, Medicaid or free health insurance, and the right to vote)to those here without permission to immigrate?

  5. Gina Says:
    November 13th, 2013 at 6:16 pm

    Actually I do believe that there will be more pressure on the Institutional Republican side to get Amnesty and Open Borders through. Right now, the Republicans are beating the Democrats, not because of anything the Institutionals did; but because Ted Cruz and the TEA Party stood up to them and took on the Democrats like the Institutionals have refused to do for years. This will weigh heavily in the power struggle within the Republican Party and give an advantage to the party base and Conservatives. The Institutionals have two choices right now. They can either find some way to take the blame for Obamacare and bail out the Democrats, or pass Amnesty. Either will convince the party base to walk out and leave the Institutionals in undisputed charge.

    This battle, to them, is not about changing the course the country is on, or defeating the Democrats in any way. The Institutionals believe that things are not bad so long as they have their place at the trough, and they think that in the end that no matter how they abuse the base, it will always be there in sufficient quantity to keep them in office.

    I suspect that they are going to be unpleasantly surprised on that last. Tomorrow, I am sending a check to Mitch McConnell’s primary challenger Matt Bevin. And if McConnell wins his primary, I will send the same amount to the Democrat. It is worth losing the Senate seat to take out McConnell. pour encourager les autres

    My Congressman is one of the few Republicans who have stood against both the Institutionals and the Democrats. I will vote for him. In the Senate race, if the Republican Party puts up another Vichy-Institutional collaborationist, I vote 3rd party or leave it blank. We have a weasel Democrat governor, but the Republicans want to force a candidate whose main attribute is treachery towards the TEA Party. If so, 3rd party.

    If they don’t give me a candidate I can tolerate, I won’t vote for them. I demand the same consideration that they give claim to give “the moderates”. And I firmly expect Institutional treachery, either on Obamacare or Amnesty.

    Subotai Bahadur

  6. If they don’t give me a candidate I can tolerate, I won’t vote for them. I demand the same consideration that they give claim to give “the moderates”. And I firmly expect Institutional treachery, either on Obamacare or Amnesty

    Well said. The “Instutionals” have been making tons of money plea calls lately. I have had at least 4 in the last month and I have not been a party member or given money in over 15 years to the national party. I have left blisters on the ears of the telemarketer manning the phone.

  7. Dan,

    President Obama is channeling Diane Feinstein:

    “The rollout has been rough so far… The numbers yesterday mean Americans want affordable health care… Americans who have plans before the Care Act can keep those plans. Today we expand that… Insurers can extend those plans until 2014… I will not accept plans that wish to repeal the whole law… It’s important that we’re hones and straight forward… The Affordable Care Act is going to work for the American people.”

    At this point I don’t see many insurers being in a position to do that.

    The ship has sailed on the plans that have been canceled.

  8. I have thgought of this quote often but in re: George McGovern and his post-Senate career – he said – after finally – after decades – being i business – having to meet a payroll – please customers – that he said “Had I known then (in the Senate) what I know now – a lot of my votes would have been different”.

    And this Obamanation (pun intended) was “crafted” by people with no experience in business, much less the medical field.

    Now they are experiencing reality.

  9. Trent: “The ship has sailed on the plans that have been canceled.”

    Stubbornness and ignorance combine to make up the least attractive of human personalities, IMHO. The combination of arrogance and ignorance displayed by the admin. here is not very pretty either.

    Chances are we’ll get to see that first combination before too long though. Something to look forward too (jk).

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