Could Someone Remind Me What Year This Is?

…because it increasingly seems that the first three digits must be One, Nine, and Three.

Kanye West says Obama’s problems with getting things done are because “Black people don’t have the same level of connections as Jewish people”…(also, “Black people don’t have the same connection as oil people.”)

New York Mayor-Elect Bill de Blasio praises Al Sharpton, who was one of the primary instigators of the Crown Heights Pogrom.

Representative Charlie Rangel (D-NY) recently asserted that “President Obama should drop the charade of democracy and rule directly through executive orders.”

Obama-supporting protestors demand that Obama make even more use of government by executive order than he has already done.

Obama’s frontmen at Organizing for America told their members to propagandize for Obamacare at family Thanksgiving dinners. As Byron York notes, politicization of all aspects of life is a standard feature of totalitarian societies.

MSNBC’s Chris Matthews is one example of those “progressives” who think patriotism is all about obeisance to the government and the Leader, rather than being about love of country.

A third-grade textbook, said to be compliant with the new Common Core standards, portrays Obama with the kind of messianic iconography commonly used by totalitarian governments in praising their rulers.



22 thoughts on “Could Someone Remind Me What Year This Is?”

  1. If it wasn’t for oil money Kanye West would be just another loud mouth on the corner.
    Only in early 21st America can someone who can’t sing, possesses little stage performance skills, and can’t even really rap that well become such a big star

  2. Add to the OFA family arguments, that the response was kinda opposite of what the regime intended. So they probably will do it again Christmas, with instructions to report the names of Class Enemies and Wreckers so the IRS/NSA and any other Federal regulatory agency that touches them can correct their behavior.

    Add to the textbook iconography, the detail that another textbook says that those who voted against Obama did so because of race.

    And 1934 may be even more fitting. Stalin’s “Great Purge” of the Soviet Union ran from 1934-1939, and included replacing the military command with political generals.

    Subotai Bahadur

  3. Obama acts as expected. In the land where Obamma grew up Presidents are loved by the people, they are obeyed, and every word they utter is Law. They are super smart. And anyone who disagrees is hunted down and killed as a terrorist. Leaders do not share power.

  4. “MSNBC’s Chris Matthews is one example of those “progressives” who think patriotism is all about obeisance to the government and the Leader, rather than being about love of country.”

    Has to be the “right” leader., of course.

    As to the premise, at least domestically, some simularities

  5. Kanye West is an idiot, now JayZ not so much.

    The times they are a changing. The reason government by fiat is being recommended is because your moron tea party has become a block for any reasonable legislation and ,it seems, all appointments. It is this group that is destroying the GOP as the actual base that supports these idiots is small. Blackmail is not working on Obama.

    Lets be real here, this is basically racist.

  6. PenGuy…”basically racist”

    Of course, Tea Party members and related conservatives/libertarians would oppose anything done by President Thomas Sowell…because he’s black..and would approve of the actions of a President Chris Matthews…because he’s white.


    Stirring up racial animosity, as you are attempting to do and as the Democratic Party does consistently, is a crime against civilization.

  7. Yes do drop the mask completely. Let’s simplify the problem.

    Rangel’s a Tamil while we’re at it. Not African.

    Interracial conflict is a diversion and always was, the only important race in America is WHITE, and this is a White vs. White conflict, as it has been since ..well England.

    This is preamble to the Cousins War, Part IV.

    The correct answer to any further race baiting and the truth is the racial conflict is white on white.

    The left has always used race in America a totems. As we may be getting down to business soon it’s time to drop charades and look everyman in the eye and say what we think.

    It’s white on white, the rest of you are best advised to steer clear. New England and the rest are about to clear the air [New England Progressive nee Puritans].

  8. “Lets be real here, this is basically racist.”

    It certainly is. Lead by Commandante Zero himsel. The hatred end of whites, of Christians (as much as a race as Moslem), Jews…. The modern Left: violent, sick, depraved, bloodthirsty, evil, irrational.

  9. I do worry about the race issue. The LA Times ran a typical story on the “Knockout Game” thing, which I believe is mostly hype, but some of the comments by obvious black readers were pretty violent.

    They were also fairly well written so these are not illiterates. As Reverend Wright illustrates, it is not the peasants who set off the French Revolution, it was the prosperous Bourgeoisie. Wright’s congregation, including Oprah and you-know-who, were prosperous middle and upper class blacks resentful of white people in general. They can talk enough to stir up the underclass who can serve as foot soldiers. Many of the revolutionaries in 1793 France were nobility, but it didn’t save them, from the Guillotine when the mob took over.

  10. When PenGun has nothing to say, he falls back on his favorite lie: “you are racist!”

    I hope that someday PenGun becomes an adult human being, but do not have much hope.

  11. “Lets be real here, this is basically racist.”

    Let’s be more real. As a rule, you generally have no idea what you’re talking about.

  12. PenGun
    Lets be real here, this is basically racist.

    Consider the case of South Carolina, the first Confederate state to secede and where the Civil War began, when the Confederates fired on Fort Sumter. Strom Thurmond, a native son of South Carolina who ran for President in 1948 on the Dixiecrat ticket, and who filibustered Civil Rights bills when he was in the Senate, had a son who ran for Congress [SC-10] in 2010. [I will bypass Strom’s subsequent improvements, a story for another day.] Tim Scott, with Tea Party support, thrashed Strom’s son in the Republican primary for the nomination for SC-1. Tim Scott is also black.

    Nikki Haley, the offspring of immigrants from India, was elected Governor of South Carolina in 2010, with Tea Party support.

    Please explain, PenGun how a “basically racist” collection of people supported Tim Scott and Nikki Haley.

    You cannot.

    Once again, PenGun shows that he is an ignoramus, a true Buorbon, who remembers everything but learns nothing.

  13. “some of the comments by obvious black readers were pretty violent.”

    Anything else striking you as obvious?

  14. “Anything else striking you as obvious?”

    I suppose this is supposed to be sarcasm. I scanned a couple of articles in the LA Times to find the comments I referred to but it is too long since the one I saw appeared. Next time, I’ll try to provide you a link.

    I gather you are not concerned about Reverend Wright and his tone.

  15. It’s a sort of Irish sarcasm where bitter truths are pointed out sarcastically.

    What’s obvious is they are simply telling the truth – this is who I am, and yeah who they are – and walking it like they talk it. For entertainment by the way. Ask them. It’s fun. That’s the motive. 20 years ago it was fun to shoot people randomly as well. “It’s Fun.” When the Iron Grip was imposed it stopped being fun.

    What’s not obvious is that upon meeting old school resistance it’s a ghost town.

    It’s not hard. .40 beats knockout.

    Consequences aren’t fun.

    Since we’re being the direct sort of Irish, recall that the essence of Collin’s method was learned from him not from his tailor Joyce, but in the City of London Banks, where he learned to write people off.

    The people written off were of a far higher caliber, even the lowest of them. To include the touts.

    You cannot save they who insist on being damned. That’s quite enough carnage – the carnage is at levels associated with war but nothing was achieved, now those are some serious losers – and it’s quite enough carnage using society as a test bed for academic models. It was psychopathic to do it, it’s worse to continue it when the horrible consequences are apparently instantly the grip is relaxed.

    BTW this isn’t even tangential to my concerns, it barely rises to tertiary issue. Men know how to handle it.

    If you’re worried about Reverend Ilk, you are doomed to the misery of fear and oppression. From lowlifes BTW.

    Put something in the pocket and use as necessary, or accept the fate of cowards.

    I hope this was sarcasm free.

  16. It sure would be nice if there was a political party devoted to opposing the totalitarian impulses of the left and restoring the rule of law to the United States.

    Instead, standing in opposition we have the GOP.


  17. “Instead, standing in opposition we have the GOP.”

    We try to use what we have. Lincoln was a Whig. After the Whigs lost their unity on slavery, he was part of a new party. He was still a Whig on Whig issues, like commerce and transportation. We may have to go on to a new party but we are not there yet.

    It is not the time to drop what we have in hopes of better.

  18. MikeK,

    I take your point, but reality argues against it.

    I remember believing that the election of 2002 would result in the resolution of many long festering issues, etc.

    It didn’t. Instead, we were rewarded with endless deficit spending, yet another unaffordable entitlement in Medicare Part D, a trillion borrowed dollars spent building infrastructure in Iraq, while endless regulations made it impossible to build infrastructure here at home, all topped off with an economic collapse.

    That was not success.

    Bluntly, the GOP has failed at least as thoroughly as the Whigs failed long ago.

    It isn’t only that the GOP failed when it ran the country. It’s that it can’t even notice the issues that matter today.

    This thread began with seven examples of totalitarian tendencies springing from the American left. As far as I’ve heard the GOP has never had anything to say about all that. Ever. Instead we get prattle about how everyone hearts America, etc, etc, while the party establishment spends its time attacking those who have noticed their relentless failure.

    That is not a recipe for political success.

    Not that the GOP has managed to notice.

    Pitiful, again.

  19. get over it…anyone can pick and choose. look at your gang!
    they do nothing, have offered nothing of merit…so join them and point fingers over and over

  20. A reform coalition of God, the Infernal, and the Founders risen at God’s Almighty Hand could not save us by elections. For they all had to contend with Free Will.
    Our elections are meaningless in terms of power, power is held by a permanent government of millions. The idea that a few hundred powerless to fire any of millions of self interested people is laughable.

    And now well known, and no ones laughing.

    We are in the Fire and we’ll have to burn.

    As to the Solution, your Gadsen Flag is a hint.

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