4 thoughts on “Of course the Gitmo detainees aren’t <i>really</i> enemy combatants…”

  1. Speaking for our lot, who are intending to use taxpayers’ money to sue the American government, it is quite clear that they were merely taking a hiking holiday in the mountains of Afghanistan. They were, as it happens, laden with arms, ammunitions and explosives buy hey, we all need to chill out some time.

    When it comes to the French the story is different. Those French citizens (sorry if I sound like Damon Runyon but I have just seen an excellent production of “Guys and Dolls”) who were released into the tender care of the French authorities are not suing anybody. Maybe because they are not really around to sue anybody. In fact, they seem to have disappeared into the French prison system.

    By the way, did you notice that the UN Commission Against Torture has, among others, a Chinese diplomat as a member. It used to have Egyprians and Congolese.

  2. Unlike most of the people on our side, these guys know there is a war on, and that they are in it, and who the enemy is — us.

    I almost respect them for their clarity. Almost.

  3. Elsewhere on the island of Cuba are men imprisoned by for not being captured on a battlefield or extorting their fellow countrymen with demands of subjugating everyone with a draconian dictatorial social order. These men imprisoned in far less accommodating facilities just want freedom of speech, freedom of thought, freedom of assembly and association. They do not and will not receive the attention of MSM. They will not be the subject of a UN or NGO human rights outrage of the week. They have disappeared. They have gone down the memory hole.

  4. Of course, no one who had already spent years of an indefinite sentence in unjust imprisonment, denied any possible ability to have his case heard in a public court or to remind people in any other way of his very existence, would ever try to escape.

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