History Friday: Do Not Cross the 1836 Time Line

(During the months of February, March and April, reenactor groups are busy in Texas, at the sites of key events in the War for Independence, doing encampments and recreations of events: The siege of the Alamo, the Coleto Creek fight/Goliad Massacre, and the Battle of San Jacinto. Below the jump are pictures that I took a couple of years ago at the first event Next week – the Goliad reenactment)

The very hard-core frontiersman. They have a much simpler costume challenge than say, someone reenacting one of Santa Anna’s staff,


Do not cross the 1836 time line
Pretty basic – although the reproduction weapons cost a pretty penny, I am certain.
Of course, some volunteers did do a bit of sartorial splendor. (The 18-pound cannon is the prop used in the latest Alamo movie)
It’s all in the details – haversack waterproofed with paint.
A Mexican cavalryman – a vision of sartorial splendor.
The Tejano volunteers – also sartorially splendid.
And then there is sartorial splendor with gold braid and bells on.
General Santa Anna with banners and bugles, etc.
Not a cook, actually – a military engineer/pioneer.
The Texian volunteers … and yes, there was a bagpiper in the Alamo.
A pretty good crowd, considering. An even larger crowd watching it all.
Small cannon – on display.

(Next Friday – Pictures from the Goliad reenactor encampment. The enactment on Alamo plaza is this weekend. More information here at the San Antonio Living History Association website. Events and certain personalities from this time were included in my book, Daughter of Texas, which David Foster reviewed here about the time of launch.)

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