6 thoughts on “Chet Baker, “Let’s Get Lost””

  1. Thanks!
    Re “infinite wisdom”: There is a lot of copyright protected material on Youtube. Isn’t it illegal to use such materials by embedding the Youtube code?

    Should good capitalists respect copyright?

    Or is it fair use to use Youtube?

    Sorry, I don’t want to be a party pooper. The jazz you are playing is excellent.

  2. I said “infinite awesomeness” not “infinite wisdom”. You Tube is infinitely awesome, or it is infinite for practical purposes since no one has time to look at all the cool stuff on it.

    “Illegal” is distinct from “actionable”, I think. Someone probably owns a copyright to the song and at least some of the images in that video. I will not venture a legal opinion as to whether their compilation is an original work. The use of the word “illegal” suggests a problem that the government needs to address. “Possibly actionable” suggests that what needs to happen is for holders of copyrighted material to be fairly compensated. It seems to me that this particular video is somewhat likely to cause someone to buy a Chet Baker cd, or get some songs off of iTunes. Maybe his estate should pay You Tube for the advertising. Anyway, the legality of it does not concern me. If You Tube cannot sort out its legal challenges, it will go away, and the link will no longer work, and the world will be a sadder place.

    As to capitalists and property, recall that copyrights and patents are monopolies, which we economists of course abhor, which are meant to be temporary, to encourage creativity and innovation. They are not meant to be perpetual, and perpetuated as obstacles to innovation. This is all being worked out as we speak. I suspect some system of registration and micropayments will evolve, but I leave that to the experts.

  3. No problem with the quote. “Infinite wisdom” is a common enough phrase, but “infinite awesomeness” may well be a novel locution of my own coinage. But I won’t seek to copyright it. And I hope you do link to You Tube. You will certainly find immense amounts of interesting material.

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