Where Sgt. Mom Spent Saturday

At the mighty Big Enchilada!

Yes, at the San Antonio Book Festival. The exhibitor tables were across the street – and there were only two homeless that I spotted, from the Watercress Press table. Otherwise a mildly rewarding day, and a grateful return home to a frozen pizza and two episodes of Upstairs, Downstairs on the TV.

3 thoughts on “Where Sgt. Mom Spent Saturday”

  1. Well Saturday was a big day for me.

    But as I have gotten older, perhaps I have lowered my expectations.

    After 2 weeks of occasionally wrestling with the transaxle of my old MR2, I finally got it off.

    Big day for me.

    I tell people that if you take any good pro with the skills and right equipment (including a lift) I can take anything they’d do in an hour/2 and stretch it to 2 weeks.

    No problem.

  2. I spent Saturday walking my dog and visiting my daughter-in-law who was in the hospital with pneumonia. She got sick five days after the contractor began work on their new swimming pool. I immediately suspected Valley fever which is endemic in southern California, Arizona and New Mexico. Her chest x-ray showed pneumonia and they are treating her for bacterial pneumonia but I am waiting for the immunological blood tests to come back. Fortunately, she felt better and should be home today.

    Valley fever is a fungal disease that is especially prevalent when excavation stirs up dust. It is usually benign but can cause serious complications, one of which is pneumonia. I hope they enjoy the pool this summer.

  3. Removing a transaxle? The excitement just doesn’t end! ;-)

    Mike, I recall my physical anthropology prof telling the class about Valley Fever – it seems that archeologists coming to do excavations in the Southwest are prone to it as well, especially if they have grown up somewhere else.

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