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  • Posted by Jonathan on July 21st, 2006 (All posts by )

    Chicagoboyz love animals!


    10 Responses to “”

    1. chel Says:

      This is the weirdest foto I’ve seen all day. Explanation?

    2. Tatyana Says:

      Jonathan, you don’t look very friendly on this photo. These guys just want to have fun!

    3. Jonathan Says:

      Hey, it’s hard to have fun with somebody pulling my legs and tail! That really hurt. And I had to operate the camera remote with my teeth.

      Also, they were dressed like bees. WTF is up with that?

    4. Ginny Says:

      So, Chicagoboyz illustrates Hanson’s argument about bikers & bikers, sailors & sailors:

      Americans in their individualism retain their creed of live and let live, and an admirable tolerance for what they don’t go in for. For all the recent hype about our supposed age of small-mindedness and the strategies of “personal destruction,” politics is not a divide that daily separates [Chicagoboyz] into warring factions . . . [Chicagoboyz] is no Bosnia, Rwanda, or Iraq–or even Europe . . . .

      thought we do have our Germans and Brits.

      On the other hand, this has a certain appeal – even if it is European.

    5. Mitch Says:

      Them’s good eatin’. I hope there’s enough left for sandwiches.

    6. Tula Says:

      it’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s…..

    7. Beaver Says:

      Wade’s Bubble: “c’mon, don’t be a wuss, it’s just a recently deceased mammal!”

      Other Guy: “eeewwwweeee….can I drop it yet?”

    8. aaron Says:

      I’ve never seen a beaver spread that far before and I don’t want to.I guess it would take two guys. I want no part of that.

      “Correct me if I’m wrong Sandy, but if I kill all the golfers they’ll lock me up and throw away the key.”

      “Not golfers, you great git! Gophers, the little brown, furry rodents!”

      “We can do that. We don’t even need a reason. “

    9. John Says:

      Mitch – I was just about to ask – you gonna eat that? ‘Cause I haven’t had a good, greasy groundhog burger in years.

    10. aaron Says:

      Great Big Gobs of Greasy Grimmy Gopher Guts
      Greasy Grimmy Gopher Guts
      Greasy Grimmy Gopher Guts
      Great Big Gobs of Greasy Grimmy Gopher Guts
      Greasy Grimmy Gopher Guts
      Greasy Grimmy Gopher Guts…