6 thoughts on “New! – Your Brave New World Haikus”

  1. Illinois, damn it.
    Worst state in the USA.
    Why did I stay here?


    Oak Park, nice place, but
    property taxes from Hell.
    They’re ruining the place.


    NSA listens.
    For sure, they’ve got everything.
    (And they just read this.)


    Ssssh! Watch what you say.
    Political correctness.
    (Watch what you think, too.)

  2. The new normal brought
    Yes we can and hope and change
    Damn tropes killing us

    Democracies wain
    Conspiracies are to blame
    Controls not regained

    This state may be bad
    But one good thing about it
    Sweet Home Chicago

    Tech invents futures
    Solves the problems of the past
    But there’s no present

  3. Higher taxes, bigger government, deeper debt.
    A nascent police state, more secrecy, more lies, more corruption.
    Fewer jobs, more government dependency.
    Forward to Progress!

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