Video: Small-Unit Night Fighting in Lebanon

Via Menorah (via Power Line) comes a riveting video made by an Israeli journalist who accompanied troops on a night mission against a Hezbollah-occupied village in Lebanon. It’s 27 minutes long and exceptionally clear and well produced. You will watch the whole thing.

To start the video, copy and paste this URL into your browser:

3 thoughts on “Video: Small-Unit Night Fighting in Lebanon”

  1. The film is very engrossing. The sense of confusion and fear that comes through is very strong, and the will to proceed anyway, especially when comrades are in danger, is also very apparent. The fact that Hezbollah were able to wound five Israelis for the cost of three of their own is not a terribly encouraging casualty ratio. Also, I note that there was fire coming from a house, and the Israelis, presumably to avoid civlian casualties, entered the house, where they were ambushed, rather than flattening it with heavy fire. The Israelis come off as very humane warriors. I hope this does not ultimately prove to be a source of weakness.

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