Really Trivial Trivia

In answer to Chel, I tend to watch whatever the hell is on. But, frankly, I’ve never seen any of the three that you mention. I guess I just leave on other junk. Yes, I’m sure Lex is right, I’m wasting my life away.

Speaking of which, in a previous post about the sixties, I mentioned that those were also the years of the Dean Martin Show – though I doubt many of you guys in your forties think of that when you’re thinking of the sixties. Tim Blair linked to this thread; sure it’s obsessive but sometimes its fun to see something through someone else’s more appreciative eyes, it gave me a new & rather pleasant horizon.

6 thoughts on “Really Trivial Trivia”

  1. Great Dean Martin stuff. The Sixties was absolutely the age of TV variety shows, including Dino’s.

    “…wasting my life away.” Nah. I just got out of the habit and decided not to reacquire it.

    I don’t think You Tube counts … . Does it?

  2. You know I prob. wouldn’t have been aware of the 3 shows I listed if they hadn’t been recommended by friends. They are all cable shows so they’re a bit obscure. I usually get the DVDs or download them because it’s hard for me to catch a show at any particular time. Especially since I live in the Central Time Zone and syuff comes on so dang early.

  3. “though I doubt many of you guys in your forties think of that when you’re thinking of the sixties”

    Though not yet in my forties, I think of that a lot, in terms of wondering why there is so little entertainment aimed at people who are not only chronological, but also mental, adults. The seventies had a little of that kind of entertainment left, but by the eighties, the current scene was pretty much in place. That’s another negative social change I blame on the Boomers ;-). You’ve got to take my view with a grain of salt, though – my earliest (and fondest) TV memory is Hee Haw.

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