“Frivolous Politics”: A Must-Read by Thomas Sowell

The most that can be said for the current Republicans is that they want to throw away less money than the Democrats. In general, Democrats are the only real reason to vote for Republicans.

When it comes to national security and the war on terrorism, that is a big reason.

[. . .]

Choosing candidates to vote for at election time is not like choosing a buddy or choosing some sports or entertainment figure to idolize. Nor is it a verdict on someone’s qualities as a human being.

[. . .]

It is not necessary to denigrate individuals in order to criticize their policies. Unfortunately, there are too many voters — in both parties — who act as if choosing whom to vote for is like choosing sides to cheer or boo at a sports event.

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3 thoughts on ““Frivolous Politics”: A Must-Read by Thomas Sowell”

  1. Dude, as you are always quoting Sowell — better a third rate fireman than a first rate arsonist. I don’t think Speaker Pelosi will be a first rate anything, but she will not be good for anything that any conservative or libertarian thinks is good or important.

  2. President Pelosi

    If that won’t make you crawl across broken glass to vote pubbie, nothing will including judges.

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