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  • New! – Your Chicagoboyz Annual Labor Day Haiku Sale

    Posted by Jonathan on September 1st, 2014 (All posts by )

    Time to say the words
    That all women yearn to hear:
    Make me a sandwich


    Wasted three-fifty
    On crummy Chinese loofa
    Caveat emptor


    New taste sensation!
    Herring poached in Mountain Dew
    Hey, where you going?


    Learned something today
    Schools don’t teach cursive writing
    Man do I feel old


    My dog has no nose
    Where have we heard this before?
    Conspiracy talk


    Waiting-room TV
    Like Harrison Bergeron
    Can’t think for the noise


    The dreaded message:
    “Windows can’t stop your device”
    Time to pull the plug


    (Feel free to add your contributions in the comments.)


    4 Responses to “New! – Your Chicagoboyz Annual Labor Day Haiku Sale”

    1. Grurray Says:

      We honor labor
      With barbecues and parades
      Why not jobs instead

      Robots taking jobs
      Unions taking pay through dues
      Something’s got to give

      The press used to be
      All the news that’s fit to print
      Now it’s fit for none

      Tablets are high tech
      But they’ve been here since at least
      The Ten Commandments

    2. Robert Schwartz Says:

      “Time to say the words
      That all women yearn to hear:
      Make me a sandwich”

      And bring me a beer.

    3. Lexington Green Says:

      Stuck at the office
      Labor Day, schmabor day. Feh.
      This often happens.

    4. Michael Hiteshew Says:

      Across the Canyonlands
      Sandstone & Shale & Wind & Sun
      Floors of Long Lost Tropical Seas

      Across Canyonlands: