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  • Posted by Jonathan on November 24th, 2006 (All posts by )

    Hot trend: portable turf.


    7 Responses to “”

    1. James R. Rummel Says:

      What the heck is that stuff? Hops?


    2. Jonathan Says:

      It is actual sod. The lady was bringing home two strips of it to make a play area for her doggies.

    3. Dan from Madison Says:

      Those are some damned tiny dogs.

    4. Jonathan Says:

      Yeah, like this. Notice how the description says that

      The dog’s high head carriage and confident manner should give the appearance of vigor and self-importance.

      That’s what I thought too when I first saw her carrying one of the dogs in her handbag. Those dogs have a pretty good deal going.

    5. dearieme Says:

      You can buy a high grade turf in Britain that’s grown on soil washed off beets as they go into the sugar beet factories. Waste not, want not.

    6. Tatyana Says:

      Posted yesterday, in Vilnius:

    7. Mitch Says:

      All it needs to complete the picture is a golf ball. Tough lie as it is, but how do you play it after the sod has been loaded into the trunk of a car? Anyone got a rule book?