Why this pinprick in the dyke must be plugged stat

Newly elected Congressman Keith Ellison, a Muslim, must not be allowed to take his oath of office on the Koran.

First, as Town Hall columnist Dennis Prager wrote, Mr Ellison does not get to decide how he takes his oath. America does. Second, it has not bothered America�s many Jewish Congresspeople down through the decades to take their oath on the Bible, although the New Testament has no religious significance to them. Similarly, atheists/securalists have voiced no objections. This is the way you get sworn into the Congress of The United States of America.

But most important of all, Mr Ellison�s stated intention is yet one more Islamic attempt to breach the dyke to allow Islamic habits, customs and laws to seep in slowly at first, and then gain in volume until the dyke is breached. The aggression of this religion cannot be overestimated and those who surrender one-quarter of an inch to people like Mr Ellison, thinking it really doesn�t matter and �we all worship the same God�, are mistaken.

But most critically, what most people are unaware of is, an oath taken on the Koran means absolutely nothing. Muslims are instructed from childhood that they may take such an oath and lie � if it is to advance the cause of Islam. In other words, they cannot swear in a court of law, on their Koran, �No. I swear I did not rob that bank� if they really did. That�s a sin. But if it is to advance the islamic cause, then it�s not only OK, but is to be desired.

That is why such reasonable sounding requests must be resisted. A Muslim can swear on the Koran that he does not know a suspected terrorist, has never even heard of him and has no idea if he is stockpiling chemical weapons in his basement. Because the lies are to advance the cause of Dar-es-Salam � the house of islam � they are seen as a righteous grabbing of an advantage in the 1500 year war with Christianity and Western civilization.

This new Congressman must not be indulged. Mr Ellison is not big enough to defy America, and neither is his belief system.

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  1. I’m a little confused by your post……Just where does the Constitution figure in on your ideas concerning what is right and wrong? Because it doesn’t matter how much we type, how many ways we say it, and what we may firmly believe we do not live in a Christian theocracy.

    We cannot demand people use the Bible and only the Bible. There have been Jewish officials who have refused to place their hand on the Christian Bible. We have also had presidents that did not use the Bible. The use of a sacred text is only a photo-op. The actual ceremony includes no books at all. To make anyone submit to placing their hand on a Bible who does ot wish to do so results in a religious test that is strictly forbidden by the Constitution.

    To deny Mr. Ellison any of his rights can result in all of us having rights denied to us. I’m not willing to risk that.

    I have posted on this as well and I invite you to visit and comment is you would like to.:)

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