8 thoughts on “Autumn Tree”

  1. We walked out of the store just now having done all the Thanksgiving shopping.

    It is 73 degrees and sunny. Only in southern California. California is Chicago with good weather but nobody cares.

    When I lived in New Hampshire, at Dartmouth 20 years ago, it was 26 below zero Thanksgiving morning.

  2. Here in Maryland all the leaves are down and most have been raked up. We’re actually starting to get wintry weather already. Global warming, I guess.

  3. Yes, same here in North Georgia, an early cold snap coupled with windy days has stripped most of the Maples. I do miss the fall colors of New England, but not the long winter. Happy Thanksgiving!

  4. We had a great fall here in Wisconsin. Lengthy, and the colors were great. No bad storms to knock the leaves off the trees so we got to enjoy it for a long time. All that is long gone, however, and we didn’t reach freezing all last week. Brief reprieve this last weekend, but back to normal this week. They say 3-5″ of snow today.

  5. Last year, the leaves didn’t start falling seriously until after Christmas – this year, we had our cold snap this week, so all the trees are hopping to it.

    I loved autumn in Ogden, Utah – because the aspens turned into a forest of gold. It always reminded me of JRR Tolkein’s descriptions of Lothlorien.

  6. That surprises me you get a pronounced changing in the heart of TX Sgt Mom

    In No CA it is sporadic

    My most memorable falls were back in VA – the Shenandoah Valley

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