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Part of the problem, one that is openly acknowledged by the Baker report, is that the “sources of disorder” are partly in Syria and Iran, beyond the reach of any deployment to Iraq. The “surge” John Keegan describes can do nothing to address these sources; and is part of its ultimate pointlessness. But more fundamentally, surging the troops represents a continued reliance on the one American weapon that works while neglecting to acquire the capabilities whose lack has handicapped American efforts so far. It means using one dimension of national power — kinetic warfare — while refusing to develop the other sources: political, informational and economic warfare — that are needed for victory in the war against terror. The one essential surge that matters is a surge in the will to win.


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  1. Jonathan,

    I disagree. The Syrians only allow the Iraqi Baathists to remain in Damascus because the Iraqi expat leaders are still able to access their off-shore funds. They are only able to access those funds because the US has not been firm with our “allies” in Europe. There is a very simple answer: Tell our “allies” that if the Syrian accounts are not frozen, and we track their source to London or Paris or Geneva or Austria, that we will no longer privately consider those European Countries OR their BANKING SYSTEMS allies… Issue letters of Marque to independent groups that can accomplish what our “allies” will not, and then either our “allies” will comply, or Privateers will start stealing assets without having to worry about US reprisals.

    Next. Make sure that Israel knows that should the Iranians nuke them due to European cynicism, the US will make sure that the European capitals are destroyed by nukes that are impossible to distinguish from Israli nukes. Thus the Israeli’s might as well warn Paris and London and Berlin to control Iran or ISRAEL will hold those capitals as guilty as Damascus when Israel is destroyed.

    Next. Diplomacy only works when there is something each party believes it has to gain or to lose by its use. Right now, the EU doesnt see any risk of loss, and thus its diplomacy means nothing. So before Europe will respect diplomacy, the US must convince it’s leaders that they will lose very very badly. To do this they must BEGIN to lose. They must FEEL the loss, but be powerless to stop it. Only then will their diplomats be serious.

    So you are correct in that the US uses only one means OPENLY in its new stragegy. The other means cannot be admitted openly. The question is whether the other means you note are being applied by the US covertly, and the answer is: yes, but not very well.

    So how does the US apply these other tools, dimensions of power, more effectively… Political, informational, economic… all of our problems in these areas begin in our own back yard.

    The United States has NO EFFECTIVE COUNTER INTELLIGENCE. The CIA purged it’s Counterintelligence talent and will never see the like again. The same is true of the FBI.

    Read the latest speech from the NCIX and judge for yourself.

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