Schrecklichkeit, Revisited

(Original meditation on this subject here.)So, now the social-political-confection of a peculiar sort of Islam have put one of their captives/hostages into an iron cage, publically and horrifically, burning him alive, making certain to video this, broadcast it locally, and to post it on the world-wide internet media; also to post materiel purporting to provide justification for this on the usual media channels. I presume the national Islamic media sycophants are breaking the sound barrier in rushing to assure us that those peculiar practitioners are not truly Islamic, and that this has been the actions of just a tiny and marginalized minority, not truly representative of the really-oh-and-truly-oh tolerant Muslim world, and who are we to judge because … Crusades and Inquisition.

So sayeth our President at an interfaith prayer breakfast, upon elements of the audience hearing this banal observation firsthand, appeared to not their heads sagely. Invitations to these shindigs must be as prized as in invitation to the the Sun King’s court at Versailles. Pointing out that one was 500 years ago, give or take, and the other several centuries before that, whereas the horrors committed by ISIS/ISIL/Boko Haram et cetera have been committed in the last weeks or months would most likely have drawn an indignant response, along the lines of ‘Shut up, you, you, you HATER! I also await the customary hand-wringing over the fondly-expected anti-Muslim backlash in the Western World, which backlash always seems to wind up landing on Jews or Third World Christians.

At least the Jordanians don’t seem to be constrained by any particularly First World guilt about unleashing hell on what must look very much like an existential threat. I daresay that ISIS/ISIL will be feeling the pinch sometime soon; we’ll know that they are really feeling it when they begin squealing about war crimes and appealing to the UN or some other useless international legal body for succor and redress.

However … I invite discussion of how close are the average American, (or even the average European) coming to have a private conviction that any but the most mild and perfunctory attachment to Islamic belief and rituals are somewhat akin to rabies in a dog. We might very well feel sorry for the dog – not its fault for contracting rabies, after all – but having a dismayingly large number of self-proclaimed representatives of that faith running around, foaming at the mouth and biting (or bombing, raping, stabbing, beheading, immolating, stoning, hanging, crucifying, throwing-from-a-tall-building, shooting-in-the-head-and-burying-in-a-trench-in-the-desert and all with a Koranic justification for same) is not something we really want to permit around our children. Discuss.

As a footnote – It is historically interesting to me that the Nazis did their best to hide their very worst mass-murdering excesses from public awareness … but ISIL/ISIS/Boko have no shame in putting it all out there on various secondary media outlets. Also discuss – how come?

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  1. any sane solution must include EXPELLING EVERY MUSLIM from civilized lands; no tourists, no students, no trade missions. isolate the mad dogs, and destroy their cities with missiles for future offenses.

  2. I presume the national Islamic media sycophants are breaking the sound barrier in rushing to assure us that those peculiar practitioners are not truly Islamic, and that this has been the actions of just a tiny and marginalized minority, not truly representative of the really-oh-and-truly-oh tolerant Muslim world, and who are we to judge because … Crusades and Inquisition.

    Poor innocent Muslims who were attacked without provocation by the evil Crusading Christians.

    Some Data:

    I reference the Battle of Tours where the Muslim army was turned back from conquering France.

    Where was it? My place is about 120 miles from Denver. Not far.

    Place a compass on a map of France with the distance set by the map’s scale for 120 miles, with the point at the Normandy Beachhead on the Channel and draw an arc. Now place the point on Paris, and draw another arc intersecting the first. Where the arcs cross is roughly where the battle was. 120 miles from the Channel and from Paris. Not exactly a slight border incursion, being 2/3 of the N-S length of the country.

    When was it? October 732

    When was the call for the First Crusade made? 27 November 1095

    The first organized response to Muslim attacks took place 363 years AFTER the Muslims tried to conquer all of France, and kept on attacking European Christians the whole time.

    Yet somehow, the Europeans are deemed the aggressors against the “innocent” Muslims.

    As far as the “rabid” Muslim discussion you asked for; Europeans are a lost cause. They seek to hide under the blankets and hope that the boogeyman will go away. He won’t. This is the Third Wave of Muslim Conquest. The First died at Tours. The Second died at the Siege of Malta, at Lepanto, and at the Gates of Vienna [1565-1683]. The Third Wave of Muslim Conquest is in progress now. One can argue that they have penetrated all the way to Scandinavia, and that they rule here.

    Are the Jihadi‘s representative of Islam as a whole? They are, by choice and deliberate effort, its public face. They are not, repeat NOT, opposed in any way by the bulk of the Islamic faithful. It is said that a Jihadi Muslim wants to kill all non-Muslims. And that a moderate Muslim wants the Jihadi‘s to kill all non-Muslims.

    As far as what the average Westerner, American or European, encounters from Islam; it is all murder, rape, torture, and enslavement of infidels. Here in America, or in Europe, where do you see the Muslim community acting in a way that promotes the civic welfare of the larger society that they are in, or acting in a charitable manner towards any but their own? Really. I would love to see some examples to counter the impression made by those who are loudest and most deadly.

    We are going to have to deal with that Third Wave. And only one society is going to survive, because the means available now make those of Hulugu Khan look like a spat in a nursery school.

    Subotai Bahadur [who is not a “nice” person]

  3. It’s interesting that the backlash will grow more real as more atrocities are committed in the name of “Allah.”

    This sort of thing is going to get far more common and there will be very little sympathy from all but the most committed left.

    Maybe they will “self deport.” More likely they will sue but, unless the trial is held in Dearborn, they might be surprised. Too many Somalis refusing to let customers buy bacon and too many Somali taxi drivers refusing seeing eye dogs.

    I don’t think we are as passive as the British who use “Asian” as a euphemism for Muslim.

    Dozens of men were yesterday charged with a wide range of sex crimes against vulnerable girls after two separate police investigations.
    Following a ‘milestone’ operation by Northumbria Police, 20 suspects appeared in court to face charges including rape, sexual assault and sex trafficking.
    The alleged offences involved 12 victims, including one girl who was aged just 13, with officers vowing to continue their investigation into the abuse of vulnerable children.


    In a separate case, 25 men from Halifax, West Yorkshire, were charged with a number of historic and child-related sex offences.
    Almost all of the men in both cases are from Asian backgrounds, prompting police leading one of the cases to warn that far-Right groups may use the issue to stir up racial tension.

    Of yes, those “far right groups.” Just terrible what they might do.

  4. “but ISIL/ISIS/Boko have no shame in putting it all out there”: neither did “Saint” Thomas More, whom Pope Pius XI canonised as recently as 1935.

  5. “These jihadies are the common enemy of all mankind.”


    They are allies and proteges of a large part of mankind.

    They are funded and cheered on by millions of people, who are part of mankind.

    There is a community, a minority, but a non-trivial number of people, among Muslims, which supports ISIS and shares its vision of the future.

  6. “shares its vision of the future.”

    I’m reading an interesting book about Islam called In the Shadow of the Sword about the origins of Islam. I read about the author and how surprised he was to receive multiple threats after his book came out. He is a serious historian and not an anti-Islamic figure like Spencer. So far it looks interesting.

  7. Robert Spencer wrote “Did Mohammed Exist”. It is generally taken for granted that he did, but Spencer makes a good case for otherwise. That he did not is no more implausible than Islam itself, but, hey, read the book.

    This religion may have been after the fact contrivance to hold the newly conquered empire together. Did the prophet ( PBUH) exist? Possibly, but it is sketchy.

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