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The airspace over coastal South Florida is buzzing with police/ICE/USCG helicopters. A buddy of mine pointed out a Coast Guard cutter in the Atlantic off Miami and a highway-patrol Cessna flying along the beach. Apparently the federal govt fears a new wave of Cuban migrants due to rumors that we will soon cancel our “wet foot/dry foot” immigration policy, making it more difficult for Cubans to enter the country legally. Thus the feds are mobilizing all resources to keep Cubans out. Here, at last, is a restrictive immigration policy that the Obama administration can support.

My advice to prospective Cuban migrants is to try to get to Mexico first. And learn Arabic if possible.

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  1. Any basis to this Infowars-type of speculation, Jonathan? An FHP Cessna flying over the beach! A Coast Guard cutter in vicinity of a major SEUS USCG base! And military exercises of the kind that have been going on for years in South Florida, as you well know, Jonathan.

    Didja hear that Mexicans with Ebola are crossing into Texas?

  2. >Didja hear that Mexicans with Ebola are crossing into Texas?<

    you proggtarded "science types" are a special breed of stupid

  3. “Thus the feds are mobilizing all resources to keep Cubans out.”

    Speculation. Unsubstantiated speculation.

    The “increased aerial activity” is a well-publicized military training exercise that happens periodically in South Florida. Remember the helicopters over downtown Miami a year or two ago?

    But it’s something blame on the current Administration so…yay!

    Newrouter…I got that “proggtarded ‘science type'” of BS from Tea Party loons. Google it. You’re welcome.

  4. Speculation. Unsubstantiated speculation.

    Speculation based on observation.

    The “increased aerial activity” is a well-publicized military training exercise that happens periodically in South Florida. Remember the helicopters over downtown Miami a year or two ago?

    You could be right.

    But it’s something blame on the current Administration so…yay!

    Since none of the conspiracy-based speculations about the Obama administration have turned out to be valid.

  5. Jaime divides his time between defending Gitmo detainees and helping get voter registration for the border crossers.

    Just Speculation. Unsubstantiated speculation, of course.

  6. Coincidence. We live in a time of extraordinary coincidence. That’s all. None of the bewildering and terrifying things we’ve seen, heard or experienced since the installation of the shadowy 44th have anything to do with him. In fact, it’s a fair bet that no fingerprints, no records of calls, emails or texts will ever be found to connect that guy to any of these things. He was just unlucky enough to be around when all the crazy stuff happened…and of course was blamed because, well, you know…

  7. The new thing for lefties to say that first-hand observation is of no value, only “studies” can be relied on.

    It is a new form of idiocy.

    That said, you made it clear that you are speculating.

    If there is obvious increased law enforcement activity, it is usually the case that “something is going on.”

    My wife, a newspaper editor, instantly perks up when there are multiple police sirens. Something is going on. It’s news in the making.

    What that something may be is usually cause for speculation because the police or other law enforcement do not disclose what they are doing before or during the activity, usually with good reason.

    This administration in particular is secretive about its activities, with good reason since it often acts unlawfully. This of course fuels speculation as well.

  8. Hey, there’s helicopters and then there’s unexplained helicopters. We lived in NYC for quite a few years, including the period before and after 9/11. The city is a madhouse, sirens are a constant. The obsequious blue and white NYPD helicopter is a fixture in the skies above the five boroughs. Often times you’ll see and hear them hovering and working in tandems above areas of police activity.

    In early 2003 the invasion of Iraq was announced. That day, helicopters swarmed Brooklyn, circling for hours. I’d never seen so many, for so long. I remember walking up to the park to get a wider perspective and many others were there, just staring up at the parade. Thousands of pairs of eyes around, the borough, chock full of writers, reporters, news people, etc. Nothing, no explanation, no reports. To this day I wonder what it was all about.

  9. I just objected to the snarky tone which seems to be de rigueur on the left these days. The implication is that, if you think there might be a nefarious reason behind something, and it is something the left likes, you are an idiot.

    I think it may have begin with “comedians” like Jon Stewart. The left likes its political commentary disguised as comedy.

  10. I don’t like the snark either. It seems to be an attempt to invalidate arguments without addressing their substance. The right does it too but the left is much worse.

  11. Snark goes both ways, as the comments of this post demonstrate. But don’t even bother to go that far. Stick to the post. To the last line, specifically. Self aware, we aren’t.

    I just get tired of the constant fear mongering. And the overreach that goes with it that is blindly gobbled up, digested and then spit up elsewhere in the right wing echo machine.

    An FHP plane. In the air. Off the coast. My goodness, there aren’t any Florida highways out there, are there? So immediately we cross “flying from Fort Lauderdale to Marathon using the scenic route” off the list and go right to supporting a Federal effort to keep “a new wave of Cuban immigrants” from reaching shore…”apparently.”

    Also “apparently,” the only reason why a USCG cutter would be sighted “in the Atlantic” off the coast of Miami would be to be part of this big government effort “mobilizing all resources.”

    I could go on by why bother? “Something is going on.” And because of it, commonsense and a little intellectualism need to be cast by the wayside and instead we need to don our tinfoil caps and get to work.

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